Stephen Fry on Trump and the Dunning-Kruger Effect « Why Evolution Is True


Stephen Fry on Trump and the Dunning-Kruger Effect

Now here’s a 7-minute video featuring two intriguing people: one smart and funny, and the other the incompetent victim of the former’s sarcasm. I speak, of course, of Stephen Fry and Donald Trump, respectively, with Fry discussing whether Trump illustrates the Dunning-Kruger Effect: the observation that individuals of low ability tend to overestimate their competence more than do individuals of higher abilities. Lest this all depress you, note that Fry ends with a positive message.

The video, narrated by Fry, was put together by Pindex, and the YouTube notes are below.

For grins, here’s a screenshot showing Trump’s proposed budget changes:

Strange illusions shape Trumps views. In trying to protect America, he may unleash a killer that already claims 200,000 lives each year.

Voiced by Stephen Fry
Music by Hugh Mitchell: https://audiojungle.net/user/hughmitc…

Pindex.com is a pinboard for learning. If you’re a teacher, there are many engaging Science, History and English boards ready to assign, with quizzes and rewards.

Cognitive biases:
Salience bias (1.01): https://youtu.be/rW9R6jgE7SQ?t=60
The mere exposure effect (2.36): https://youtu.be/rW9R6jgE7SQ?t=156

Health and economic benefits of reduced air pollution (the EPA Clean Air Act):

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