Amber Rose Poses Pantless to Promote SlutWalk: Photo

This post contains strong language and NSFW images.

Amber Rose made a splash on social media Friday night, posting a pantless (and VERY NSFW) photo to promote her third annual SlutWalk — the Los Angeles event she created with the goal of promoting female empowerment, combating gender inequality and putting an end to victim-blaming by addressing the double-standards placed on woman.

The image — which showed the 33-year-old model completely naked from the waist down — was removed by Instagram within hours of going up, as it violated the site’s no-nudity policy.

“We know that there are times when people might want to share nude images that are artistic or creative in nature, but for a variety of reasons, we don’t allow nudity on Instagram,” Instagram states in their community guidelines.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Rose reacted to the decision with laughter, rolling her eyes in an Instagram video.

“When IG deletes ur fire a– feminist post but you really don’t give a f—- because everyone picked it up already,” she captioned the video — adding the hashtags “#amberroseslutwalk” and “#bringbackthebush.”

The Loveline host also posted the photo to Twitter, where it remains up (warning, link is very NSFW) and has been liked over 50,000 times.

“#Amberroseslutwalk,” she wrote with the image on Twitter, linking to the official site of the event.

Twitter users remained mostly in support of Rose — with some questioning what her 4-year-old son Sebastian would think of the photo.

The third annual SlutWalk is scheduled for Oct. 1 at Downtown Los Angeles’ Pershing Square. While details are still being finalized, the website promises a pep rally and entertainment, art show, musical performance, celebrity quest appearances and testimonials in addition to the awareness walk.

“The Amber Rose SlutWalk Festival is an inclusive space,” the organizers said in a statement on the event’s official site. “This event is a zero-tolerance event, and we do not condone hateful language, racism, sexism, ableism, fat-shaming, transphobia, or any other bigotry. Further, we recognize shaming, oppression, assault, and violence have disproportionately affected marginalized groups, including women of color, transgender people, and sex workers, and we are actively working to center these groups at our events.”

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As Rose previously told PEOPLE, she launched the walk after being moved by a photo of a young woman wearing pasties with the words ‘Still Not Asking for It’ written on her chest.

“I wanted to do something,” said Rose, who is well-known for her own revealing, body-confident fashion choices. “The point is you can wear whatever you want and it’s not an invitation.”

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