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The mommy-shamers are at it again! This time they’re coming for Kim Kardashian, who dressed her adorable daughter North West in a teeny tiny corset on July 11. Do you think the look is inappropriate?

One thing’s for sure: Kim Kardashian’s kids have better style than we can ever hope to have. When we saw little North West, 4, wearing a corset over her dress just like her mom on July 11, we thought it was as cute as pie. However, not everyone agreed with us. Mommy-shamers immediately began coming out of the woodwork to question the morality of putting a child in a corset. Click here to see pics of North.

“North west wearing a “corset”? Let the child be a child,” said one angry Twitter user of the oft-sexualized garment. The look didn’t sit right with another fan who said “Let North dress like a kid what in the world!!! I’m positive she didn’t wake up and ask to wear a corset over that dress.” To be fair, North is a mini style icon and considering many kids take fashion notes from their parents, she may well have asked to dress up like Kim that day.

However, plenty of other fans defended Kim and the adorable look. Corsets are usually used to look sexy or make women appear thinner, but fans pointed out that the tan, floral corset North is wearing isn’t connected in the back and isn’t causing the happy little girl any harm. “North’s corset isn’t even tied or anything you guys are really doing the most,” said one user. Another simply loved the look, saying “I’ve just realized that North has a little corset design on her dress that is too cute.”

HollywoodLifers, do you think that Kim was wrong to put North in a corset, or is it perfectly appropriate for a kid? Let us know!

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