Love Island star Tyla Carr


Tyla Carr is the “mystery brunette in the threesome sex tape” that was leaked online a week ago. The Love Island star is a “sex addict”, said the man who appeared in the 37-second X-rated video along with another woman.

Speaking to The Sun, Andrew Georgiou revealed that they were at it for six hours, which left him “worn out by a romp with sex addicts” in London’s Mayfair hotel in 2014.

He said the blonde woman in the clip is Tyla’s friend who he had been dating for several months.

“The sex tape clip that has appeared online is about two hours into when we first started getting steamy. I was really tired by that stage,” Georgiou, 32, said.

“But Tyla and her pal kept wanting more — they are sex addicts. Eventually at 5 am, Tyla said she was ready to leave. I passed out with my ex,” he said.

He said the whole thing was pre-planned as the girls had brought sex toys and paid for X-rated movies on the hotel room television.

“I was out in London and Tyla and her friend phoned and told me to go to their hotel for a few drinks,” he said. “They said ‘it’ll be worth your while’, and I was intrigued.

“They had lots of sexy lingerie and they said, ‘what do you want to see us in?’ They started to get intimate. My girlfriend was flirting with Tyla who then started undressing me.

“We were all having a good time. It was filmed on a mobile phone,” he added.

“There were adult films playing on the TV in the background. Every now and again the girls would stop to watch it.”

The video shows the blonde woman performing a sex act on Tyla while Georgiou watched from the end of the bed before joining in with them.

Georgiou also admitted that a complaint has been made to the police about the leaking of the video. He said that he was questioned by police but denied leaking the explicit video.

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