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Inky Gibbens wants to save dying dialects with online-learning service. She says that more than 15 languages will be soon added to Tribalingual.

My maternal grandparents come from Siberia and they spoke an endangered language called Buryat,” says Gibbens, 31. “The only way I could learn the language was by going to Siberia.

In summer 2016 she founded Tribalingual  It allows any person to keep struggling languages alive due to usage of simple online tools.

2,465 languages are believed to be endangered. At least 230 have become extinct since 1950. Tribalingual can offer you ten-week courses. It gives people basic knowledge in five languages. In this list is Ainu (Japan); Mongolian; Quechua (South America); Gangte (northeast India); and Greko (southern Italy).

This course will cost  $ 200 for students. As teaching materials, leaders provide audio and video, with native speakers and texts providing a weekly Skype call.

Tribalingual isn’t the first trial to revitalize endangered languages. For Gibbens, a forgotten language means losing more than just a way of communicating.

We’re trying to preserve cultures through the medium of language. It’s a kind of gateway to understanding different world views. We want a world that is diverse and colourful.

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