Tiffany Trump’s publicist confused Harper’s Magazine for Harper’s Bazaar

True story: I used to think Harper’s Magazine and Harper’s Bazaar magazine were somehow related. I was, like, 14 years old when I realized they were two separate magazines with completely different agendas and readerships and editorial boards and everything. Bazaar is the fashion magazine, and Harper’s is the literary/journalism/essay/intellectual magazine and they don’t have anything to do with each other. I figured that out, as I said, when I was a teenager. Tiffany Trump and her publicist still haven’t figured it out. With New York Fashion Week starting in a matter of hours, all of the fashionistas will be descending on Manhattan for shows, events and parties. Harper’s Bazaar is doing a big “Bazaar Icons” party in the middle of NYFW. So Tiffany Trump’s publicist emailed a party invitation request… to Harper’s Magazine.

She’s an Icon in her own mind. Tiffany Trump, who now has “people,” had her people email Harper’s magazine — the one for people who are smarty pants, not the one for people who wear smart pants — asking that the President’s daughter be invited to their “fashion Icons” event.

Proving that they are what they wear, not what they read, Tiffany’s publicists emailed Harper’s Magazine, the one that defines itself as “the oldest general-interest monthly in America, exploring the issues that drive our national conversation, through long-form narrative journalism,” instead of Harper’s Bazaar, the one that defines itself as “America’s first fashion magazine.”

Seems Trump’s clueless minions wanted to score the presidential daughter an invitation to the Friday event at The Plaza which is sponsored by the fashionista bible, Harper’s Bazaar. When Bazaar hosts its Icons annual bash, they think Kanye West and his wife, whazzername. In fact, this year, their Icons include Kim Kardashian, Courtney Love, Cindy Crawford, The Weeknd, Karlie Kloss, Kate Bosworth and many other thin people.

The Trump publicist’s entreaty read, “Hi, I wanted to email on behalf of the First Daughter Tiffany Trump. She is in town for NYFW (New York Fashion Week) and attending a few events. She would love to possibly attend the Bazaar Icons party. Please let me know if this could be accommodated.”

You mean the second First Daughter? That one? Sure, she can come to the bash — when and if — Harper’s ever decides to throw a fashion party. The perplexed recipient of the bizarre Bazaar email, Giulia Melucci, vice president of public relations at Harper’s Magazine, said, “I was tempted to create a Harper’s Magazine fashion icon event just so we could host her. Think Byzantine art, Jesus and the Madonna, the original one!”

[From The NY Daily News]

My original headline for this story was “Tiffany Trump: moron or understandable?” While this is a funny story and it’s sad that Tiffany A) has a publicist and B) has a publicist who is too stupid to realize the magazines are totally different, I want to also be completely honest: this is the kind of dumb mistake I would make, and have made. Here at Celebitchy, we get sent stuff from magazines all the time, and I’ve sent the wrong emails to the wrong magazine reps before, and thought various magazines were connected in ways that they are not. So, laugh at Tiffany if you want, because she is an absurd person and she does not belong at the Bazaar Icons event. But know you are laughing at the absurdity of the human condition in all of its wretchedness. *plays tiny violin for Tiffany Trump*

Also: terrible thought, but true: Tiffany is the Trump child who looks most like Bigly.

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