CBB's Amelia Lily and Sam Thompson share their FIRST couples selfie

The pair are ‘dating’, according to Amelia Lily.

Following their stint inside the Celebrity Big Brother house, we’ve waited with baited breath for the news of loves young dream between Amelia Lily and MiC’s Sam Thompson.

Because, ya’know… hopeless romantics and all that.

And so, we were pretty delighted at a recent admission from Amelia – who had ‘fessed up that herself and Louise Thompson‘s younger bro are dating.

Speaking with The Daily Mail a few weeks back, Amelia had shared: ‘We’re friends, we’re hanging out. Who knows what future holds, but he did take me out and it was lovely. So we’ll see how it goes’.

However, following her confirmation that the pair had been dating, thing all seemed to go a lil’ quiet…

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Was it all over for Samelia?!

Heck… of course it wasn’t.

In fact, Amelia has now taken us on one of her dates with Sam – via social media, of course!

Taking to her Instagram, the former X Factor lady has shared a snap of the CBB pair enjoying a production of Aladdin at the theatre.

Typically very shy, Amelia captions the surprisingly cosy snap: ‘Myself and @samthompsonuk went to see @aladdinlondon tonight! The cast were incredible! We loved it!#awholenewworld‘.

A whole new world indeed… welcome to Chelsea, Amelia!

Many fans have been quick to comment on Amelia’s very public acknowledgment of her dating life – with comments reading messages such as ‘YAAAAS SAMELIA!’ and ‘You two are so cute together’.

Sam has also shared his very own version of their debut couple selfie – which the MiC ‘fella has captioned ‘Aladdin, we’ve finally come!!!! #awholenewworld!!!!’.

Aladdin, we've finally come!!!! #awholenewworld!!!!

A post shared by Sam Thompson (@samthompsonuk) on Sep 13, 2017 at 11:29am PDT

Whilst this is the first time the couple have shared a date snap together, Sam did recently share a snap which alleged he had just ‘bumped’ into Amelia at an awards ceremony

Looking all suited and booted, Sam captions his snap: ‘#inspirationalwomenawards hello @amelialily11 fancy seeing you here!’.

Yup, we’re not fooled either.

Admit it, Sam. There was no ‘bumping into’ going on here, was there?!

#inspirationalwomenawards hello @amelialily11 fancy seeing you here! 😂🕺

A post shared by Sam Thompson (@samthompsonuk) on Sep 8, 2017 at 12:10pm PDT

So anyway, Samelia. Should we buy a hat?!

Alice Perry

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