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Idea #83

Retractable Horn Sound


We’re almost to the parking garage. There’s a bicyclist moving up on the inside. Pam slows down to let her pass. The car behind us honks.

What the f**k, man?! What the F**K! Motherf**king asshole honking at me?! I’m trying not to f**king kill anyone you F**KING ASSHAT!

He probably didn’t see the bicyclist and wondered why you were slowing down, and then when he saw the bicyclist probably got embarrassed and was wishing there was a way he could take back his honk but couldn’t because that’s not how horns work so we all just have to move on.



They should make a retractable horn sound that’s equivalent to my bad.

Yeah, that’s a good idea.

Full disclosure: Not exactly what Pam said when the car honked. I sorta paraphrased and then embellished.

Fuller disclosure: Actually, it’s pretty accurate.

Fullest disclosure: My wife is part sailor.

Every time you click that clap a puppy gets a belly scratch, an ear rub, AND a handful of super yummy crunchy puppy treats. But if not, it gets the hose again. Just saying. If you have a comment, please lay it on me. I will lay it back. 🙂

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