Meet The Instagram Model They're Calling The "Brazilian Megan Fox"

It seems a bit unfair to me to be calling this beauty the "Brazilian Megan Fox" when Megan Fox did not have a booty anywhere close to the level that Claudia Alende is sporting. In my opinion she could just as well be called the "Brazilian Pocahontas". Now, I have never seen a picture of the real Pocahontas's derriere, but she seems like the kind of woman who would have had an impressive rump. How else could she have gotten so many Englishmen to fall for her?

I do not know what Brazil's major exports are, but I think booties must be listed in the top five. It seems like every Brazilian woman I meet has a noteworthy rear. If I am being honest I would even include the men in that statement. t must have something to do with all the dancing they do down there. I never dance and my butt cheeks look like a couple of ping pong paddles. I do not find them as effective as the real thing when trying to play a game, though. I should dust off my Buns of Steel tape.

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