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The Hiltons and Kardashians were supposed to compete on Family Feud

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Over the weekend, the Kardashian-Jenner-Wests told social media they were taping an episode of Family Feud. I don’t usually watch the Kardashians but I can unabashedly say I will watch the hell out of this. Kim announced it via Snapchat:

Kim was so excited about it, she bragged to fellow guests at the Create & Cultivate event that night. Like Kim, I, too, absolutely love Family Feud. And such is the power of The Feud – Kayne has been laying low for so long now, even deleting his Instagram just two days after relaunching his account and yet he is all over appearing on Family Feud. According to Kim and Krew, the audience had no idea who the families were. Could you imagine? Love ‘em or hate ‘em, that would be one entertaining Feud.

And who did the Kardashian-Wests battle in the Thunderdome? The Kardashian-Jenners. Yep, not only will we get to hear some of the most outrageous and out-of-touch answers, we get to watch them mock and insult each other openly. It’s like a live Keeping Up With The Kardashians episode. Not everyone made it, though. There was no sign of new mom Kylie or big sis Kourtney. Kris Jenner’s team consisted of herself, her mother M.J., Khloe and Kendall *bites tongue on all ‘brain trust’ jokes*. The Kardashian-West team consisted of Kanye, Kim and Jonathan “Foodgōd” Cheban, who kind of lost it over appearing on the show:

I assume someone showed up to fill out the West side, but whoever it was they’re not going to be as interesting as the intended opponents, the Hiltons, who backed out. Ah, man! Paris and Kathy Hilton were all for the idea (there’s a shock) but Nicky Hilton Rothschild thought it was “nuts,” probably because she’s a fancy Lady-type now. Dad Rick was the one who threw the cold water on the idea, though. He declined to appear for fear he would appear “thirsty.” He honestly thinks his family isn’t thirsty. Barron and his fiancée ultimately decided to pull out and nobody wanted Conrad there in the first place. There’s no air date yet.

Slightly off-topic but while considering this match-up I was thinking about skits in which historically aggressive families face off in Family Feud, like Yorks vs. Lancasters, Clan MacDonald vs. Clan Campbell, Hatfield vs. McCoys – surely someone has done this? If not, we need to get to writing.

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