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A ‘Disappointed’ Trump Won’t Be Hiring Two Russia Probe Lawyers Whose Appointments Were Recently Announced

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Last week, President Trump’s lead lawyer (John Dowd) for the Russia probe resigned, reportedly, because Trump ignores his advice. Although Dowd, as one of Trump’s personal attorneys, wasn’t a member of the administration, he spiritually joins the growing list of those who have exited the Trump revolving door due to the president’s tendency to do (and tweet) whatever he wants, even on subjects requiring expertise. And now, it seems that, for whatever reason, Trump is having difficulty filling slots on his legal team.

The New York Times reports that Trump “has decided not to hire” two lawyers (including Joseph E. diGenova, who floated the conspiracy theory to Fox News that Trump is being framed by the FBI) whose appointments were recently announced as part of his team. Two sources told the Times that Trump felt he lacked “personal chemistry” with these lawyers, but Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow cites conflicts of interest in a statement to convey how “disappointed” Trump is over the development:

“The president is disappointed that conflicts prevent Joe diGenova and Victoria Toensing from joining the president’s special counsel legal team. However, those conflicts do not prevent them from assisting the president in other legal matters. The president looks forward to working with them.”

A few hours before the Times published this story, Trump tweeted about his legal situation. He claimed that “many lawyers and top law firms want to represent me” against Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe because these attorneys want “fame.” Yet Trump insisted that “I am very happy with my existing team.” Everything is just fine.

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