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Jen Harley And Ronnie Ortiz-Magro New Details – She Was Covered In ‘Scratches And Dried Blood’ Before Her Arrest

Although it looked bad enough already, it turns out that the physical altercation between Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his baby mama Jen Harley may have been even worse than what we thought. In the meantime, the exes have reportedly made peace, but apparently, following the brawl that ended up with Jen dragging Ronnie with her car, she was also covered in dried blood and ‘scratches.’

The woman was arrested after the incident on June 24, but the Jersey Shore stat was not the only one injured.

Reportedly, the officer who showed up at the scene ‘observed minor cuts, scratches, and dried blood on Harley.’

He also told Us Weekly that ‘Harley refused medical attention and photographs were taken. Harley made statements that they were leaving a party and Ortiz started acting erratically in the passenger seat as she was driving.’

She supposedly said that he attempted ‘to grab the steering wheel and that is when she drove over the median popping the tires.’

This new development is reinforcing the earlier reports that the woman accused her ex of hitting her more than once as they were fighting and even that he grabbed the wheel.

In the end, Jen was held accountable as Ronnie claimed she ‘hit him in the face with her right fist two-five times’ as she was driving.

She then pulled over, the man exited the car, but as he was still holding on to it, Jen tried to drive away, dragging him.

Ronnie reportedly called her to come back and get him after being dragged which she did.

She then pulled over again, in order to take their 3-month-old baby girl, Ariana, out of her car seat.


‘She explained that she got out of the car asking for help and stated that Ortiz was hitting her in the car. She explained that she arranged for a friend to come pick up her child before officers arrived,’ the report stated.

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