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Kylie Jenner Claps Back At Those Who Mocked Her Stormi Webster ‘Perfect’ Lips Comment

The clap-back is real! Kylie Jenner recently did an interview where she gushed about the perfect lips that her daughter, Stormi Webster, has inherited from her father, Travis Scott.

Within minutes, Kylie was mocked by even some of her fans who told her that, of course, that Stormi will have luscious lips — she is half-black.

After being ridiculed, she decided to hit back with a tweet that read:

One person told Kylie: “No, the surprise is she finally half way hinted that then lips ain’t hers. My daughter is fully black with beautiful thick, healthy hair, that to ME is “good hair!” Sis wanted a black baby with the features. Naw they were clowning her because they stated that duh you’re jealous because genetically your baby has her dads features (the black features she wanted). I had to read the tea lmao.”

Another commenter wrote: “What’s surprising is black people don’t look at their kids like aww full lips because the shit that’s normal to us .. you’re admiring your baby black features something the Kardashians are obsessed with black culture, black features .. everything black.”

This third follower stated: “No the fact she said she isn’t get them lips from her took me out because we definitely know that she didn’t because she really has none.hy is it so dope now for females that have all sorts of girls doing whatever to look like fake them then brag they took it out like they don’t want to be fake anymore?? Meanwhile, 20-year-old Becky and bookeisha (about k Michelle and them too) can’t afford to get it out because they tried to be like you now you switched on them, and they stuck. Not hating just saying. That’s crazy but be bless to accept yourself as is and fake it up and love it but to have crazy fans love you now they out here looking crazy because you changed the wave. Now, who’s a good doctor?”


Inspire by her daughter; Kylie has announced that she is going to her natural lips and has stopped injecting them with collagen. Kylie can never win with some people.

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