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Rasheeda Frost Confirms She Is Back With Kirk And Slams Jasmine Washington On ‘Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ Reunion Show Video

Jasmine Washington and Rasheeda Frost had a nasty exchange on the Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 7 reunion show.

As always, Kirk sat in the middle and barely had a word to say about the fact that he cheated on Rasheeda with Jasmine, and they now have a baby boy together.

An emotional Rasheeda slammed Jasmine for coming to her and telling her the truth about her baby.

Jasmine clapped back by saying that Kirk never took responsibility for his actions.

Rasheeda decided to focus on an insignificant incident where Jasmine used a photo of her son, Karter, to show that Kirk is the father of Kanon.

Rasheeda confirmed that she is back with her cheating husband as rumors swirl around saying that Kirk has another woman — a bartender — pregnant for him.

One fan had this to say about the fight: “Attention, attention, attention…..Rasheeda has made it entirely clear about how Jasmine has been in the streets making moves. It is beyond the affair, and until you have been in her shoes, you can’t say how nor what Rasheeda should do nor feel. I respect her gangsta and her class…. she’s a better woman than me. It was enough to have the affair, get pregnant, and broadcast to everyone that my husband is the father of the child but always popping up uninvited trying to make yourself relevant and/or to purposely attempt to get under my skin and make your lil digs and wisecracks…..smh, we would be exchanging more than words. Jasmine and Kirk were screwing privately, so, she should’ve addressed Rasheeda personally…..or not at all because Kirk’s the father, not Rasheeda!”

Another commenter stated: “For the ppl who say Jasmine owes her nothing, does that include an apology? Her apology attempts are mad annoying. Rasheeda has every right to be mad at both Jasmine AND Kirk.”

This third follower shared: “Jasmine wasn’t the one who took vows. Kirk did. He is the one who lied, cheated and made his wife go through all that pain. Jasmine is wrong also but let’s look at the full story. Dumbsheeda doesn’t know what she wants to do, but continue to let Kirk dig her ass out.girl this is definitely NOT your first rodeo with your man cheating! Stop taking the angry out on that girl! Kurt knew exactly what he was doing.”


Are you surprised that Rasheeda took her man back after being humiliated and lied to?

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