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YFN Lucci Declares His Love To Reginae Carter In Sweet Message While Looking For Sexy Ladies To Party In Miami — Lil Wayne’s Fans Are Confused

Via Instagram, YFN Lucci has declared his love for Reginae Carter, and she was quick to answer.

Late last night, the rapper took to social media where he announced to the world that he is genuinely in love with Lil Wayne’s daughter.

Minutes later Reginae responded by telling her boo that she is in love with him too.

What is odd is that after telling Reginae she means a lot to him, he reached out via Snapchat to all the hot ladies who want to join him on a yacht in Miami, Florida.

YFN Lucci is also getting bashed for liking a sexy photo posted by Ashanti.

One fan reacted to the love-professing posts by saying: “He is taking her down……Get it boo @colormenae Getting all that living. Lol, You over there playing the damsel and distress thing too. You got that come to get me, Papi, sitcho…licked. Aoooooow. I love it.”

Another commenter told Reginae to run as fas as she can from the rapper: “He’s a 28-year-old man with baby momma’s, that’s what. I’m almost positive Wayne don’t approve of this. So you do know that he put heart eyes under Ashanti picture on top of being surrounded by naked women ON TOP of erasing all y’all pictures. Don’t be young dumb and naive. show that dude you don’t play honey you got family, friends, and fans behind you ain’t that right.@yfnlucci you need to stop letting your friends use your phone to get bitches. Not a good look for my girl @colormenae.”

A third fan stated: “As I read some of these comments, I can’t seem to understand why people are so hateful and jealous because of someone else’s happiest. Shouldn’t a guy make a girl feel this happy? Smh ppl always have something to say because they’re miserable, broke, and unhappy. So cute. Young love and they glad I hope they last. When she’s around him her smile is so contagious. I think It’s a beautiful thing to see a black couple like this in love and living life.”


Reginae is ignoring all the noise and living her life.

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