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Bruno Mars Stops Mid Performance After Stage Catches On Fire!

Bruno Mars had no choice but to evacuate the stage mid-show at Glasgow Green in Glasgow, Scotland today after a small fire started apparently because of a firework! Here’s what happened!

According to an eyewitness, the singer stopped his performance all of a sudden at some point, apologized to the concertgoers and walked offstage.

‘They lowered [a] lighting rig and used fire extinguishers to put something out that was on stage,’ the insider told ET.

Glashow Live has also reported that the situation was under control as the fire was extinguished pretty fast and no one got injured.

When the fire burst, one message was shown on screen: ‘This is a safety announcement. It’s necessary to stop the show temporarily. Further information to follow.’

‘He was a total showman. When he came back on stage, he apologized for briefly having to stop the show. He then incorporated what had happened onstage into the lyrics of his next song,’ the eyewitness dished.

Sure enough, one fan video shared on social media shows Mars jokingly singing: ‘We burned the stage down in Glasgow. Better call the fire department when the Hooligans get on stage!’

‘Bruno Mars is on FIRE 🔥😍 (no, seriously… they have had to temporarily stop the show because of some fireworks 🎇…) thanks to the team for extinguishing 👨‍🚒🚒.’

Thankfully it was only a small incident, and nothing too dangerous happened thanks to the quick reaction from the singer and the staff.


We have to admit that it could have been disastrous, but instead, it can now be regarded as an inside joke in the fandom!

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