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Demi Moore’s Robbed Of $169,000 – Here’s How She Lost Her Money

In a report from People Magazine, a man stole Demi Moore’s credit card and racked up approximately $169,000 in debt according to federal prosecutors. Court documents obtained by the publication revealed that Mr. Matthew Read, 35, stole Demi’s replacement card after reporting it missing.

TMZ reported earlier that Read said to Alfredo Rossi, a special agent, that he had a replacement card sent by FedEx, and he picked it up there, where the cameras caught him in the act.

Despite the criminality of the act, one has to appreciate Read’s ingenuity, as it would’ve been exceedingly difficult to pose as Ms. Moore to obtain the card, especially considering her celebrity.

After Mr. Read got his hands on Demi’s card, he went on a shopping spree at first-class retail stores like Saks Fifth Avenue as well as Nordstrom. The court documents state that Read spent approximately $169,249.80, during his shopping extravaganza, and the police caught him in April of this year.

Currently, Read, who is sitting in an LA County Jail, is on trial for federal crimes, including identity theft and credit card fraud.

As you may know, Moore has been relatively absent from the media spotlight, ever since she and Ashton Kutcher broke up for good and finalized their divorce in 2013.

In November 2011, Moore and Kutcher’s relationship became the subject of much media speculation and tabloid conjecture, due to the allegations that Ashton had supposedly cheated on her.

Many media pundits at the time claimed their relationship was doomed from the start, due to their massive age difference. Demi Moore is 55-years-old, and Ashton Kutcher is now 40-years-old.


After she and Ashton split, the That 70’s Show alum went on to marry Mila Kunis and had children with her as well. Moore, on the other hand, has kept her dating life out of the media’s radar ever since.

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