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Joy Behar Slams Her Fellow Host As “Hypnotic” – Check Out Who It Was And What She Said

During Wednesday’s segment, “Bad Nap Locations,” on ABC’s The View, Joy Behar revealed that her greatest and most effective sleeping pill is watching CNN, and her favorite anchor for passing out is Wolf Blitzer, whom she described as particularly “hypnotic.”

Behar said, “I can watch CNN, or something really, really boring,” or an “old movie” like Casablanca for instance, and she can manage to fall asleep for 10 to 15 minutes just like that.

The panel laughed, including co-host Sunny Hostin, who said that a “little CNN” can put a person right to sleep without even trying. Behar went on to say that Blitzer’s show, The Situation Room, on CNN, was especially boring, to the point of hypnosis.

Interestingly, one would assume Behar’s sentiments as the opposite, considering CNN’s politics is much the same as The View, who both frequently put the president, Donald Trump, on blast, and as much as possible.

On Tuesday, Behar asked why someone like Trump would even get the chance to select the next Supreme Court justice. Behar said that Trump shouldn’t be able to choose Supreme Court justices, especially while under investigation.

Trump’s administration is under investigation for colluding with Russia during the 2016 election campaign, as well as supposedly giving Stormy Daniels $130,000 for keeping quiet about their alleged affair.

Behar’s political commentary hasn’t always been popular, however. As it was previously reported, Behar had to apologize for insulting Christians, in addition to comparing Donald Trump to brutal dictators.

Apparently, the anti-Trump rhetoric in the mainstream media, whether it be justified or not, hasn’t been resonating with viewers, as CNN is falling below the million mark in ratings during prime-time hours, as well as MSNBC according to the media research group, Nielsen Media Research.


Nonetheless, Trump has proven to be a ratings’ dream for political talk shows including Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show. 

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