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Keyshia Cole Admits She Lied About Being Pregnant And Explains Why!

Did you fall for it? It turns out that while Keyshia Cole is not actually expecting she did have quite the laugh!

The singer revealed that it was all fake herself and explained why she fooled social media.

It all started when she shared a snap of her in an animal print ensemble that she captioned: #PreggoInMyFashionNovaFit.’

Soon enough, her account comment section was taken over by many congratulatory messages to her and her significant other Niko Khale.

But now, she revealed that it was all a prank and explained why she’s not really guilty about it.

The star shared a fun pic of her smiling brightly and rocking a rainbow crop top.

However, the caption was as serious as they come.

‘I KINDA APOLOGIZE for #TROLLING yesterday, telling y’all I was #PREGGO. Y’all need to stop body shaming me and saying I’m PREGNANT EVERY OTHER DAY !!!! Like seriously, it hurts my feelings.’

Now we’re sure everybody feels super bad about it. After all, she got very candid about what she feels.

So while some people may have felt fooled by the lie that she is expecting, most should understand where she’s coming from. Come on people, have some empathy!

The mother of one seems to be struggling with body confidence as the internet continues to spread rumors that she is pregnant again every other day!

That being said, we totally respect her for calling social media out.

As you may know already, Keyshia has a son named Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr.

And while he’s super cute and he’d be even cuter as a big bro, the woman is just not ready for a new addition to the family at the moment or maybe ever! That’s Okay too!


But truth be told, if she and Niko do decide to make little Daniel a sister or a brother, we’d appreciate some proof, like a pic of her baby bump or a sonogram!

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