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T.I. Is On Daddy Duty And Keeping A Low Profile While Tiny Harris Is On Tour Amid Marital Problems

Tiny Harris is currently on tour with the rest of Xscape, and we hear that her husband T.I. has taken over many of their parenting responsibilities. Reportedly, the rapper is spending a lot of time at home with the kids, keeping a low profile amid the marital problems reports.

No matter what is going on between them, it looks like Tiny and Tip are making it work when it comes to their family.

That being said, while he is supposedly still in the dog house as far as Tiny is concerned that has not affected his relationship with their six children at all.

In fact, while Tiny’s schedule is full, and when he has some time, he spends most of it with the young ones.

But the reality is that T.I. has a pretty busy career as well, so a part of the responsibilities has been transferred to their extended families.

‘T.I.’s doing his part, but he’s also got a ton on his plate right now, so he has to dip in and out. But whenever he’s got free time he’s been seeing them in Atlanta. They come first, and they love their daddy,’ one source told HollywoodLife.

‘T.I. never duck out on daddy duties, and Tiny would never want him to. No matter what happens between them she would never stop him from seeing their kids,’ the insider close to Tiny added.

Meanwhile T.I. betrayed Tiny again after the Bernice Burgos scandal, when he slapped Asia’h Epperson’s butt during a tour stop last month.

It really affected their relationship, but while Tiny’s friends are encouraging her to go forward with the divorce, it sounds like she’s seriously considering giving him another chance.


Not too long ago she shared on Instagram Stories the following quote: ‘When you want to give up (on your Dreams, Marriage, Children, Family, Job, God, on your purpose or whatever it may be that you want to give up on) Remember why you started.’

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