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Toya Wright Shares Cute Photos With Baby Reign And Her Father Robert Rushing — Fans Love The Rare Moment

Cuteness overload! Toya Wright is once more melting hearts by sharing a few adorable photos of Robert Rushing fast asleep next to the mini-fashionista known as baby Reign.

In one photo, the businessman is lovingly holding his five-month-old baby girl.

While in another sweet black and white picture that might have been taking after a long trip or fun-filled playdate, both father and daughter are sleeping.

Fans are in awe of all the love that is shown in the pictures. Many are applauding Robert for being such a great father to beautiful Reign.

One fan had this to say: “Sooo cute we need more men & women out here being Role Models every person u get is going have attitude that u don’t like u got work with it & make it work…cuz money don’t go by happiness & its crazy lil Wayne is my favorite rapper & it’s cuz of his talent with words, but how he treats women I’m not feeling it I look up to you.”

Another commenter stated: “Reign howwwww you enjoying the life better than ppl who finish high school graduate from college even law school and you just chilling living the good life as a baby… Smh. From me believing in you and see how far you came from me and realize and reading your books and you’re writing a lot and this random books and expressing yourself. I learned a lot from you, and I appreciate what I learned cuz you gave me knowledge power and use them to never give up on my dreams like oh my goodness.”

This supporter of the beautiful family went on to explain: “OMG trolls will try to is reign but truth be told she is her daddy’s twin, and as she grows into her own she will be even more n. Reigny’s Favorite Man in the World, Daddy Robert. Thank you for being a great father and for being there for Toya, a great mom, and an extraordinary woman. That little face brightens my day every time I see her. Thank you for sharing this beauty.”


Many are begging the duo for baby number two.

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