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Melania Trump Wears See-Through Dress At NATO Cocktail – To Risque For A First Lady?

Melania Trump got everyone’s attention when she wore a dress that was pretty transparent while at the NATO Cocktail in Germany with her husband. The $7,450 white Elie Saab dress was see-through enough to display her legs. Was the outfit appropriate for a First Lady?

But that was not the only thing that caught people’s eye! Melania also held Donald’s hand during the visit which is something we don’t see too often.

As for the dress, it was definitely pretty, especially its pattern.

She accessorized it with a pair of tan heels, and again, the ensemble looked great, but the real question is, was the dress’ transparency a bit too risqué given the type of event and Melania’s status?

Melania, who speaks multiple languages, including German, was able to have a lengthy conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the party.

The President did not shy away from some conversations either as he socialized with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg as U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo remained in the vicinity.

Interestingly enough, that morning he had asked for U.S. allies to raise their contributions from 2 to 4 percent for defense spending.

Not only that but Trump then proceeded to slam Germany for spending only a ‘little’ over 1 percent for defense.

And as if that was not critical enough, he even called the nation a ‘captive’ of Russia and criticized a German-Russian pipeline project!

The entire summit may have been quite tense and controversial, but Melania decided to look relaxed at the cocktail gathering that followed.

That and the fact that she was affectionate to her husband made us wonder if things aren’t better between them as far as their relationship is concerned.


Either way, we’re happy she looks more joyful following her surgery. What do you think about the dress? Too much or just stunning?

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