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Travis Scott Lovingly Supports Kylie Jenner Following The Forbes Cover – Read His Tweet

Travis Scott was not shy at all to express his love for Kylie Jenner. Yesterday he posted on Twitter a cover of the magazine and a sweet message regarding her fantastic achievement.

‘CANT BE MORE PROUD,’ Travis captioned the pic along with some heart emojis proving that he’s definitely happy for Kylie.

Kylie’s lucky enough to grace the cover of Forbes which celebrates some of the wealthiest self-made businesswomen in the world.

Her Kylie Cosmetics line has brought in $900 million, and this sets her out to be the youngest self-made billionaire in history.

There was also some backlash coming from people who believe that she does not deserve this success because she comes from a successful, wealthy family, so she has nothing to do with the fact that she became so rich.

‘Not going to lie. @KylieJenner Inspired me today, I can’t understand why people would bash her. Not self made this not self made that. Everyone knows privilege exists and the lack of it still doesn’t stop you from being a billionaire or millionaire,’ one of his followers tweeted.


‘I forgot self-made meant helped massively by a very wealthy, famous family financially, promotion-wise, the general platform in life ready for you, free publicity simply by existing, contacts in the industry & no involvement in the actual products you’re selling,’ another person posted in the comments section.

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