13 Simple Steps to Overcome Gestational Diabetes


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Besides High Blood Pressure, diabetes has been a physically and mentally deteriorating condition that is slowly yet steadily taking over the modern generation with million peopledealing with the issues every now and then. Apart from the well known occurrence and types of diabetes which includes Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetes Insipidus, there is another lesser-known form of diabetes which occurs among pregnant women. It is termed as gestational diabetes. Ayurveda for diabetes can be a great and natural way to manage this issue without harming the foetus.

What is Gestational Diabetes?

What is Gestational Diabetes?

Gestational Diabetes is actually a temporary health condition which occurs mostly during pregnancy. Now, depending upon the risk factorials, 3-13 percent women will surely develop this issue that can actually be harmful for foetal health when uncontrolled. While most women go for modern medications, others opt for ayurvedic medicine for diabetes as a holistic approach. This issue usually clears post delivery. However, women with gestational diabetes might be at a higher risk when it comes to developing diabetes mellitus later in age.


Symptoms of pregnancy induced diabetes or gestational diabetes is not as observable as that among the people with Type 2 diabetes or diabetes insipidus. The condition can be detected in the blood with the help of any routine oral test for glucose tolerance or blood sugar test. It is usually performed anywhere between 24th or 28th week from gestation. An uncontrolled diet might increase the risk of being affected by gestational diabetes. In some rare cases, women suffering from gestational diabetes experience frequent urination or increased thirst. This could lead to various forms of diabetes in future when left unmonitored. It is inducted that one should opt for ayurveda for diabetes to ensure great health for both the mother and the foetus.

What causes Gestational Diabetes?

If you have recently been tested for gestational diabetes, you can experience sudden weight gain or weight loss with higher risk for high blood pressure. This form of diabetes mostly occurs due to the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. The placenta inside the uterus produces certain hormones that tend to make the cells in the body of pregnant women less sensitive to any effect from insulin. This can also lead to high levels of blood sugar for pregnant woman. Opting for ayurvedic medicine for diabetes can aid in better regulation of blood sugar.

Additionally, women who tend to carry extra weight or gain a substantial amount of weight when pregnant with high blood sugar level in the blood carried in the blood vesselsare most likely to get affected by gestational diabetes.

Risk Factors

Your risk from suffering with gestational diabetes enhances when you:

  • Are overweight
  • Are over the age of 25
  • Has suffered from gestational diabetes during any past pregnancy
  • Had given birth with the baby weighing 9+ pounds
  • Have the family history of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Suffer from PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian System

Issues Associated with gestational diabetes Include:

  • Premature Birth
  • Higher-than-normal birth weight of the baby
  • Low Blood Sugar
  • Increased risk from being diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes
  • Jaundice
  • Stillbirth

Additionally, the mother might develop complications like heart disease, high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, or even kidney failure when left untreated for long. The mother might also require a caesarean delivery which is normally referred as “C-Section”. The risk of suffering from future gestational diabetes during pregnancy also increases.

Ayurveda and Gestational Diabetes

In the terms of Ayurveda, “Diabetes” is dubbed as “Madhumeha kshaudrameha” this can loosely be translated to “Excessive urination with honey like sweet taste”. Even though there is no particular description or mention of gestational diabetes in the Ayurvedic texts, there is a term called “Garbha Vriddhi” which means it is a complication arising from this disease. With Garbha Vriddhi, there is an excessive increase in abdomen size with enhanced perspiration. This in turn makes normal labour a difficult option, especially with high blood glucose levels. This is why Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes can help aid in better management of gestational diabetes.

Additionally, there are many simple steps that can help you get rid of gestational diabetes.

So here are some of the best ways to get rid of gestational diabetes naturally or evade it from occurring in the first place.

1-Dietary Scheduling:

One among the most prominent causes of diabetes or even gestational diabetes is an unmonitored eating schedule that takes a toll on your body. It can actually guide the body negatively to produce massive sugar influxes and calories that is followed by elongated periods of decreased or no nutrition. This in turn can seriously add complications to the natural metabolism of the body. It also negatively affects functionality of the insulin receptors in the body making them more prone to insulin resistance. Opting to guide everyday with use of ayurvedic medicine for diabetes will surely help you maintain a balance diet with “Satvic Diet” that aids in better control over hunger pangs and monitoring of diet. Experts that boast of ayurveda for diabetes recommend consuming small fractions of meal after every two hours. This helps your body get acquainted with regular absorption and processing of the nutrients which in turn prevents valleys and peaks in the blood sugar level that is the characteristic trait of gestational diabetes.


As with any other variant of diabetes, gestational diabetes can actually be prevented with the help of a regulated lifestyle and weight maintenance. Ayurveda for diabetes or gestational diabetes can aid with better weight management especially when paired with yoga or exercise. Weight gain is obvious when it comes to pregnancy. However, it needs to be managed in the best way possible. Make sure you get in touch with your trainer who is trained to assist pregnant women. Regular exercise periods of 30 minutes practiced at least 2 times every day will help elevate the heart rate, stimulate metabolism, & prevent development of juvenile diabetes or diabetes mellitus in future. People with diabetes of any form should always opt for proper exercise on a regular basis.

3-High-Fiber Diet:

One among the most common advice one can give when it comes to gestational diabetes management is consumption of diet that is high in fiber. Fiber can actually stimulate insulin receptor activities while inhibiting release of any excess amount of insulin to the bloodstream. This helps balance the insulin levels in the body while preventing onset of gestational diabetes. Fiber should actually be a mandatory part of your daily diet when pregnant as living with diabetes requires hard work and better management techniques. Add items such as flaxseed, leafy veggies, and similar items to get a hold over gestational diabetes.

4-Vitamin D:

Although this particular form of Vitamin doesn’t actually get a good chunk of attention, it is highly crucial when it comes to proper maintenance of body processes. This includes efficient absorption of nutrients and key vitamins such as calcium, magnesium, iron, & phosphate. As you maximize the nutrient absorption taking place in the gut with Vitamin D rich items helps in proper management of insulin flow throughout the body and help with blood sugar control. Ayurveda for diabetes when paired with a swastik diet mostly focuses on these lesser attended vitamins and hence aid in better control with gestational diabetes. Add items such as mushroom, tofu, salmon, etc to up your intake of vitamin D.

5-Vitamin C:

Unlike Vitamin D, this particular vitamin gets a good chunk of attention. However, this doesn’t actually mean that the pregnant women get good amount of this vitamin. Studies suggest that vitamin C deficiency is directly linked with gestational diabetes. Women who are pregnant mostly use the insulin injection if suffering previously from diabetes. However, a diet decked with Vitamin C aids in better control over blood sugar so that you don’t have to opt for the injection or at least reduce the intake.

6-Protein-rich diet:

If your pregnancy test recently showed up positive, it’s time for you to switch up your preparation and take care of your health from the very start. If you have been managing with a recommended diet and small, equally divided portion for meals, make sure the carbs are always paired with proper protein portions. This will obviously ease the process of digestion and regulates your metabolism. Additionally, protein serves as an essential content for development and growth that is critical to better health of the baby while evading gestational diabetes.

7-Whole Food Carbs:

It is very important to keep in mind that all the carbs aren’t created equal. The complex carbohydrates tend to break down into valuable sugar forms which are harder to be digested. This in turn has less impact over the body’s insulin fluctuations. Eliminating the simpler forms of carbohydrate gives you better control over any case of gestational diabetes. Avoid things such as white bread, junk food, etc. Switch to whole food carbs such as lentils, vegetables, fruits, oats, milk, quinoa, okra, peas, carrots, and similar items.

8-Sugar-free Diet:

Ayurveda for diabetes mostly suggests that patients or newly pregnant women should opt for a diet that is free from sugar. This in turn helps you evade any possibility of going obese or avoid gestational diabetes. Therefore, the sure-fire way for protecting oneself and the baby from effects of gestational diabetes is to is to go for sugar-free items such as agave nectar, stevia, or natural sweeteners that is complex in nature and requires the body to expense more energy as compared to simple sugars which eventually lead to onset of gestational diabetes.

9-Monitor Sugar Level Regularly:

Even if you do not have diabetes and just got pregnant, you need to devote to monitoring the blood sugar levels in a regular basis. When it comes to management of blood sugar levels, regular monitoring will help you detect any rise even if minute and help you evade any possibility of gestational diabetes. In a normal scenario, the level for sugar in the blood when fasting should not exceed 95mg/dl. This means, a pregnant female should always keep a check over her blood glucose. If you happen to notice any abnormality present in the blood sugar, make sure you consult a doctor on an immediate basis and get any necessary help required. If you are opting for ayurvedic medicine for diabetes, make sure you talk to your doctor if you suspect any abnormality.

10-Do not skip breakfast:

It is always said that opting for a healthy breakfast is the way to go. Never skip your breakfast, especially when pregnant or for that matter, never skip any meal. If you happen to do so, it will make you hungrier and you will surely gulp down a larger chunk of meal the next time you eat and send your body into sugar drive. This in turn leads to onset of diabetes or even gestational diabetes. Opt for breakfast that comes with a low glycemic index such as oatmeal, eggs, low-fat yogurt, porridge, & whole-grain cereals. Additionally, spinach juice can also be a great addition to your daily breakfast routine.

11-Make yourself cinnamon tea:

When it comes to ayurveda for diabetes, cinnamon tea is most certainly among the highly recommended list. It is amazing for management of gestational diabetes that occurs during pregnancy. It houses a certain level of bioactive constituent that enhances glucose and its metabolism. They also have positive impact over the HDL, LDL, and the triglyceride levels inside the body. Additionally, consumption of cinnamon during pregnancy in a regulated amount is very beneficial as it increases the body’s insulin sensitivity & helps evade any possibility of gestational diabetes.

12-Sufficient Sleep:

Getting a good sleep at night is the easiest way to make sure that gestational diabetes doesn’t get you during pregnancy. You might often find that pregnancy leads to exhaustion or fatigue very quickly. Add to this the stress of not sleeping well and you will get yourself a harmful cocktail that leads to gestational diabetes as you progress through your pregnancy. Given the fact that your hormonal levels tend to change with pregnancy, you will experience a fatigue that is several times more than any regular day. So make sure you sleep perfectly and avoid any unnecessary stress that disturbs your blood sugar. Also, make sure that you opt for relaxing herbal teas to induce better sleep with the help of ayurvedic medicine for diabetes.

13-Drink more water:

Water aids with better management of the blood sugar levels. Reduction of water intake leads to higher concentration of sugar in the blood stream and hence makes its way to unmanaged gestational diabetes. Water is a crucial element that gives life and it is equally important for soon-to-be-mothers when it comes to evading the possibility of gestational diabetes. If you feel like drinking water so frequently is too boring or bland for you, you can opt to pair it up with natural herbs and supplements  such as mint, fenugreek, ginseng, etc.

Bottom Line

Ayurveda for diabetes is risk-free and a comprehensive approach to better lifestyle. For pregnant women who run the risk of gestational diabetes, it is better to start monitoring things right away and make ways towards better and disease-free future for the baby as well.

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