Kansas Republican editorial openly declares minority voting a problem, calls for change


In an editorial published in the Liberal, Kansas newspaper this weekend, the guest editorial calls for the creation of a state-level electoral college. The reason? Cities are havens to liberals and minorities, and there votes need to be diluted.

Allowing these few nests of leftists decide who governs our state is an outrage.

Lets look into these left-leaning counties.

First, Sedgwick is at the top of populous counties in the state and full of minorities, who according to a Politico analysis of the Kansas election, went heavily for Kelly. Wyandotte and Johnson the same thing – Kansas City and again, the heavily populated counties full of minorities who always vote Democrat after being promised to receive free things.

Liberal, Kansas is a fast-growing southwest Kansas community, where, along with Dodge City and Garden City, the rise in population among persons of color continues to grow, thanks to the growth in meat packing facilities and work in agriculture. Why not say minority population.. well…

According to Data USA:

The population of Liberal, KS is 60% Hispanic, 30.6%White, and 4.51% Black. 59.7% of the people in Liberal, KS speak a non-English language, and 78.9%are U.S. citizens.

The conservative writer does come to an interesting conclusion about Kobach’s performance last year:

One thing that I agreed upon is apparent, a friend pointed out Kobach ran a very ineffective campaign – never fighting back the left’s painting him as a clone of Sam Brownback. That was pitiful.

For instance, my friend reminded me Kobach only took Seward County like 60-40 percent, when he should have won 80-20.

It appears quite a few of those voters of color he worries about so much in the city, turned out to vote. Don’t worry, Larry, we’ll continue to work to make sure that they, as American Voters, keep their right to vote.

You are welcome.

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