Kushner company got a cool $90 million from anonymous offshore investors in 2017


In “Jarvanka 2.0, the White House Years,” America comes to understand as completely false the early narratives that the nepotistic pair are either the Democrats of the West Wing or the dynamic duo that will save the nation from Donald Trump. Instead, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are just lowly grifters looking to make a buck and burnish their image through the prism of the White House. That take stands as a backdrop to the latest news that a real estate company in which Kushner retains partial ownership, Cadre, took in $90 million in foreign money from “an opaque offshore vehicle,” according to The Guardian.

That money reportedly started flowing to Cadre once Trump named Kushner as a top White House advisor taking on the role of an international envoy for the U.S. The money was funneled through a Goldman Sachs account in the Cayman Islands, which allow corporations to shield their identities.

Kushner conveniently left Cadre out of his initial ethics disclosure and added the company later, claiming the omission was just an oversight. But when he joined the White House, he also resigned from the company’s board and cut down his stake in the company to below 25%. Sounds like the company was on his mind until it slipped while he was filling out his ethics disclosure.

Can’t imagine why foreign officials immediately identified Kushner as a target for influence. Though the entities contributing money to the Cayman account are unknown, The Guardian reports that one funding source is another offshore account while other sources originated in Saudi Arabia.

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