Trump continues racist attacks on non-white congresswomen: 'If they want to leave, they can leave'


Because Donald Trump is genuinely a racist, he is continuing to aggressively double down on Sunday’s explicitly racist tweets. At a press event ostensibly celebrating a White House “Made in America Product Showcase,” Trump veered wildly off-topic to deliver spittle-flecked attacks on Democratic Rep. Ilhan Ohmar and other targets of his call for non-white American congresswomen (all but Ohmar were born in the United States) to “go back” to the “countries” they came from.

Included in his remarkable new outburst: Trump accused Omar of “speaking about how wonderful Al Qaeda is” (this is a lie) and declared she “hates Jews.”

Informed that all but one of the congresswomen he has attacked were born in America, Trump said they were “very unhappy. I’m watching them, all they do is complain. So all I’m saying is, if they want to leave, they can leave.” While a repetition of commonplace white nationalist rhetoric, it should also be noted that Trump himself used bitter complaints about America as his entire campaign, his campaign slogan, and the majority of his presidential rhetoric. The premise that America is no longer “great” is literally embroidered onto Trump-supporting hats.

But Trump is also genuinely very, very stupid. Asked about Sen. Linsday Graham’s mildest possible suggestion to Trump that he “aim higher” rather than attacking non-white congresswomen “personally,” Trump appeared to not even grasp the concept of “aim higher.” He instead seemed to believe that Graham was only telling him to attack “higher”-ranking lawmakers.

“These are congresswomen. What am I supposed to do, just wait for senators? […] What am I going to do, wait until we get somebody else in a higher position, a higher office?”

He may be the stupidest person to ever step in the Oval Office. He may literally be the stupidest person to ever have entered the room. The overpowering dumbness wafts through the White House, bringing with it a smell that is somewhere between burning cinnamon buns and shorting electrical wires. It is astonishing that the man makes it through each day without accidentally swallowing a television set.

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