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It took two years of waiting to see the completion of the battle of The Losers and the scary clown of Pennywise in It Chapter Two. A wait that actually pays off, though not completely satisfied.Two years ago, I still remember how Pennywise was able to be the reason many people were afraid of clowns. Similar hopes have surfaced after seeing the inaugural trailer that was released a few months ago, but it seems that I am overly expecting.Even so, It Chapter 2 is not exactly disappointing. This film offers something other than Pennywise’s creepy action: suspense and comedy with a balanced and intense portion from beginning to end.The film It Chapter Two still brings Pennywise terror to the big screen, but with a far more complex story. This is due to the background of the story that occurred 27 years after the first film.Gary Dauberman, who is now working alone working on the script for this film, also presents various hidden fears and problems of each of the characters of The Losers, as they try to fight Pennywise again.Obviously as the members of The Losers mature they will make each person’s fear of problems more complicated. In addition, director Bill Muschietti also ambitions to realize the frightening image of the novel by Stephen King.These two factors seem to be the reason why It Chapter 2 has a fairly long duration for a horror film — three hours -, in addition to having to follow the success of the previous film.The decision regarding this duration is also very risky for It Chapter Two because the two filmmakers must be able to make the audience feel at home sitting for three hours.As a result, boredom is inevitable although I still feel comfortable watching various tensions and comedies that ‘slip’ between the stories.Boredom comes not only from the complexity of the story and duration, but also comes from the many scenes in It Chapter 2 that correlate directly with the predecessor film in order to make the story become whole.So, the audience is required to quickly understand the scenes that emerge and their relation to the past of The Losers and Pennywise. To overcome this, Dauberman and Muschietti also often provide scenes from previous films.For those who are not very responsive in capturing this “back and forth” flow from Dauberman and Muschietti, then get ready to be confused and ask questions afterwards.Apart from the various narrative formulas from Dauberman and Muschietti, it must be admitted that It Chapter Two presents excitement in terms of nuance to visual.Various jumpscare together with the prepared terror can make some of the audience watching with me scream, or at least close their eyes.In fact, often, terror appears unexpectedly. Then it would be better for viewers not to have serious heart problems while watching this.Not only heart problems, viewers who are easily nauseated are also better prepared themselves because Dauberman and Muschietti are able to display monsters that make a frowning face in disgust.Praise was also deserved to Muschietti and the production design team who thought carefully about the visual appearance of It Chapter Two, from costumes, cinematography, camera effects, to CGI.In addition, I would like to appreciate the casting team that was able to choose the players of It Chapter Two. The adult players are somewhat similar to the children’s players in the first session, as if the story did run 27 years later.However, the It Chapter Two story would actually be more perfect if Dauberman and Muschietti produced a more dramatic and amazing solution as the story’s climax.That’s because all the capital “spectacular end” they already have from the beginning, ranging from the complexity of the story, the combination of tension and comedy with good settings, qualified cinematographic techniques, to the visual effects and CGI is good.Moreover, it took 27 years for the Losers against Pennywise and two years for real-world viewers to see the end of their battle.In the end, the wait has been fairly decent though it is indeed impossible to satisfy all parties especially for those fans of Stephen King’s story.Now, all we have to do is see how capable Pennywise is able to make the audience come to see It Chapter Two, which has been on the cinema since September 4.it chapter two 2019 castit chapter two 2019 movieit chapter two 2019 reviewit chapter two 2019 google driveit chapter two 2019 free onlineit chapter two 2019 imdbit chapter two 2019 filmit chapter two 2019 subtitlesit chapter two 2019 full movieit chapter two 2019 downloadit chapter two (2019) official trailerit chapter two 2019 budgetit chapter 2 2019 castit chapter 2 2019 clipsit chapter 2 characters 2019it chapter 2 trailer 2019 castit chapter two comic con 2019it chapter 2 movie cast 2019it chapter 2 (2019) teaser trailer conceptcinemacon 2019 it chapter twoit chapter 2 2019 kill countit chapter two 2019 dvd release dateit chapter two 2019 download full movieit chapter two 2019 dual audio downloadit chapter two 2019 dual audioit chapter two 2019 download in hindiit chapter 2 2019 downloadit chapter 2 2019 dvd release dateit chapter two (2019) hindi dubbedit chapter two 2019 movie downloadit chapter two 2019 english subit chapter two (2019) full english full moviewatch it chapter two (2019) full english fullmovie onlineit chapter two (2019) greek subsit chapter two (2019) online greekit chapter 2 2019 greek subsit chapter two (2019) online greek subtitlesit chapter two 2019 hindi trailerit chapter 2 2019 imdbit chapter 2 interview 2019it chapter 2 full movie 2019 in hindiit chapter two (2019) sub indoit chapter two 2019 legendasit chapter two 2019 lk21it chapter two 2019 movie posterit chapter 2 2019 movienonton it chapter two (2019)nonton film it chapter two (2019) subtitle indonesianonton film it chapter two 2019nonton movie it chapter two (2019)it chapter two 2019 online freeit chapter 2 2019 onlineit chapter 2 2019 online freewatch it chapter two 2019 online freewatch it chapter two (2019) onlineit chapter two 2019 posterit chapter 2 2019 plotit chapter 2 2019 postersit chapter 2 premiere 2019it chapter two (2019) sa prevodomit chapter two 2019 quotesit chapter 2 2019 quotesit chapter 2 2019 reviewit chapter 2 2019 ratingit chapter 2 2019 age ratingit chapter 2 chinese restaurant 2019it chapter two dvd release date 2019it chapter two 2019 subtitles englishit chapter two 2019 subtitle downloadit chapter two 2019 sa prevodomit chapter two 2019 streamit chapter two 2019 sinhala subit chapter two 2019 subsceneit chapter two 2019 titloviit chapter two 2019 triviait chapter two 2019 teaser trailerit chapter 2 2019 trailerit chapter 2 2019 true formit chapter two 2 (2019) full movie vimeoit chapter two 2019 wikiit chapter two 2019 watch onlineit chapter two (2019) watch online freeit chapter 2 2019 wikiit chapter 2 2019 wikipediait chapter 2 2019 watch online freewatch it chapter two (2019) full moviedailymotion

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