7-year-old boy shot after a drunken adult pulls out a real gun during a Nerf gun fight (www.dailykos.com)

A Florida man is being accused of shooting a 7-year-old in the knee inside of his home. A woman told police that while visiting her friend, her friend’s brother, Anthony Knuth, shot one of her children while the kids were playing with Nerf guns. According to WESH-TV, Knuth was allegedly intoxicated at the time and said he was “going to go to jail.”

At the time, the woman thought her 7-year-old had been shot with a BB gun, but emergency room doctors explained to her that the shot was actually a 22-caliber bullet. The child will need surgery to remove bullet fragments.

Knuth is in jail, his sister says that he is an alcoholic that needs help, and that this event was an accident. “It’s not an excuse and I won’t make excuses, but there comes a time when justice is served, and he needs rehab and mental help.” And she’s probably right. But accidents with guns, like accidents with cars when you are an alcoholic can have profound impacts on lots of lives.

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John Lloyd Scharf
John Lloyd Scharf

IF you get drunk and hit someone with a car, that is a felony. You will be able to drive a car again, but you will never be able to have a firearm. If you shoot someone with a firearm, I certainly do not want you to have a machine with more destructive force than a 20 mm cannon which has killed more people than all guns put together. People, if you had referendums and initiatives you could write less arbitrary, ambiguous, and absurd laws. End privileges and immunities for the few. One law for all and all must agree… Read more »

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