President Trump Suggested Shooting Migrants and Refugees in the Legs and Filling a Moat with Snakes or Alligators along the Border Wall (

President Donald Trump has been outspoken about his disdain and disgust for migrants on numerous occasions but his fury reached a new height this past spring, according to a recent piece from The New York Times.

In a shocking revelation that cited a dozen sources from the White House and the Trump administration, the Times reported that President Trump actually suggested shooting migrants in the legs as a way of preventing them from crossing into the US.

Over the course of Trump’s time in office, we have seen him and his administration implementing various questionable tactics and approaches to try to curb the surge of Central American migrant families seeking asylum in the US, including an asylum ban and forcing migrants to stay in Mexico throughout the long and tedious process, often resulting in the separation of families.

Of course, the issue of immigration has been one of Trump’s favorite talking points – or rather, tantrum points- often resulting in tirades in public, at rallies, or on Twitter.

He has frequently threatened to shut down the entire border and as troublesome as that sounds, the Times reports that his PRIVATE suggestions are actually much worse.

The President is said to have talked about digging a moat along the US-Mexico border and filling it with “snakes or alligators.” Yes, you read that right. He even went so far as to price check such a plan.

“I have absolute power to shut down the border.”

Trump, in an interview with The New York Times.

According to the report, the president also suggested arming the border wall with electricity and placing large steel spikes on top of it with the intention of puncturing human flesh if anyone dared to try to cross it. Trump also suggested electrifying the border wall and placing spikes on top that could puncture human flesh, according to the report.

Trump has previously suggested that soldiers shoot at migrants – later he was told by his staff that this was very much illegal- but private conversations revealed that behind closed doors he continued that train of thought, saying that migrants should be shot in the legs in order to slow them down, according to The Times.  

Again, his staff had to school him on the illegality of this idea as well. Too bad no one seems to be schooling him on the MORALITY of all his great ideas….

The White House has not responded to the recent report.

Over the last year and a half, as the number of migrants detained at the border soared, Border Patrol agents were overwhelmed and America plunged into a crisis of epic proportions as the nation became divided.

The task of detaining and caring for migrant families and children quickly became one that escalated beyond control and the heartbreaking scenes that unfolded as families were separated and locked in cages still haunt the country.

Thomas Homan, the former acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement spoke to the Times and said, “The president was frustrated, and I think he took that moment to hit the reset button. The president wanted it to be fixed quickly.”

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