Jessie J Slams Media for Tying Up ‘Healing’ Post to Channing Tatum Split

Jessie J Slams Media for Tying Up


‘The songstress got REAL about her best friend she lost this time last year,’ clarifies the ‘Domino’ hitmaker after many outlets spun her lengthy post into a note about her break-up.

Jessie J has attacked the media for spinning her post about a lost friend into one about her love split.

The pop star and Channing Tatum reportedly broke up in November (19) and many outlets took a lengthy post about “healing” with her Instagram followers on Sunday 29 December (19) as a note about the break-up.

Alongside a picture of her silhouette in front of a setting sun, the 31-year-old wrote, “Time is the gift. Time is the fear. Time is the magic. Time is the memories. Time is the change. Time is the pain. Time is the healing.”

“Zoom out. Go somewhere where your world feels and looks small. Gain perspective. Lay in the sea. Walk to the top of a mountain. Drive to (a) view point in a park. Look up at the stars. This isn’t to make you feel like your problems or sadness or the feelings you feel are not valid but to know you are NEVER Alone. Billions of people around the world. Are just trying to smile and mean it. Are actively working out who they are. Are missing someone they have lost. Are feeling worthless. YOU ARE LOVED.”

The singer now insists the publications and outlets that rushed to comment on her pre-New Year’s note got it all wrong – and the message had nothing to do with her split from Channing.

Posting one tweet about what she wrote, which read, “After her split from #ChanningTatum, the songstress got real about heartbreak and healing in a candid Instagram post…,” she added, “The songstress got REAL about her best friend she lost this time last year. Lying isn’t journalism. They taught you that right?”