‘The Devil Can’t Do Nothing With Me’

DaBaby Flaunts His Money After Prison Release:


The ‘Kirk’ rap star takes to Instagram to show his confidence he will be cleared of all charges while a member of his entourage admits to the robbery on Facebook.

DaBaby has been released from prison following a January 2 arrest for alleged robbery. The 28-year-old rap star quickly returned to Instagram, flaunting his money while taunting his enemies, “The devil can’t do nothing wit me dawg.”

Meanwhile, the man he roughed up planned to file a lawsuit. Rumor has it, his injuries were “so bad” that he had to get treatment from a doctor. He also claimed the video of the assault gave his family hardship because it’s difficult to watch.

The victim is a promoter named Kenneth. He angered DaBaby and his entourage when he only gave the star $20k when he was supposed to pay the rapper 30k for a Florida gig he was scheduled to perform. They were caught on camera having an altercation on the side of the road

DaBaby allegedly doused the man with apple juice, and robbed him of $80, a credit card, and an iPhone. In the video, the man was seen lying on slightly wet asphalt while someone was forcefully emptying the man’s pockets. The person even tried to strip the man off his pants and dragged him over the hard ground while doing so.

DaBaby’s bail was originally set at $1,500, but he was later ordered by judge to remain in prison due to an outstanding warrant for a different case in Dallas, Texas.

Meanwhile, one member of DaBaby’s entourage blabbed on Facebook, saying he was confident that they would walk away scot-free. He bragged about keeping tight-lipped while, at the same time, ratting on himself and the rapper by admitting to the robbery.

DaBaby's entourage member snitches on the rapper

DaBaby’s entourage member unknowingly snitches on the rapper

“We ain’t snitch and told them what really went down it’s all self defense,” he claimed. “There’s a reason we robbed dude they only want y’all to hear what they want y’all to hear they tryna make us look bad.”

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