Why Is Baby Yoda Suddenly on Trump Merch?

baby yoda ior something like it n the mandalorian

First, it was Donald Trump Jr. posting an edited photo of Donald Trump as baby Yoda, and now … he’s on t-shirts for Donald Trump? I have to protest! Our sweet baby son is being dragged into this nonsense that is the 2020 election, and I am forever angry that the one good thing we have in this world is being ruined all because Trump and his posse think it’s funny.

Am I being dramatic? Yes, of course I am, but the only saving grace of 2019 was this little baby waddling into our lives in a coat that was too big, and now he’s being tarnished. The fifty-year-old baby just finished his first season on The Mandalorian, and now you can buy his face … outside of Trump rallies?

While not “official” campaign merch, I still have a lot of problems with it because there are so many things in this world that are bad. Why do you have to ruin our one little love?

baby yoda crib

The thing is: I’d also hate it if any Democratic nominee used baby Yoda for their merch, too, mainly because I want him to remain my little baby who is too old for this and just wants his bone broth. So what if, in 2020, we just let our little alien son live his life and keep him out of our messy political world?

Leave baby Yoda alone. Get out of here with your nonsense, and if I see anyone using baby Yoda for their political agenda, I’m going to sue you myself because he’s just a baby!!! He can’t vote yet (or can he, since he’s fifty? This is so confusing).

(image: Lucasfilm)

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