Baby Jabba The Hutt Is Here

Baby Jabba The Hutt Is Here

Well you’ve done it. Because everyone thought that Baby Yoda was so cute and was cashing in on that shit, now we have Baby Jabba, as in Baby Jabba the Hutt, that disgusting slug who held up women in chains and bikinis. Fuck that kid, I say. And lucky for us he’s not official, as this is just the brain child of some artist trying to curse us with more shit we don’t need. …For now…

Someone is trying to get themselves a gig on the next season of the Star Wars streaming Disney+ Series, The Mandalorian. Baby Yoda is so cute it can move a man to tears, so clearly Baby Jabba could at least get a couple sniffles out of the people, right? 3D artist, Leonardo Viti, sure is hoping it gets some kind of reaction out of Disney because this is a lot of effort for nothing. MediaIte says that he debuted the creation on his Instagram account saying:

“Sorry guys I could not resist… Baby Jabba! Could this be the new star in @themandalorian? Or maybe someone else…? I’m open to suggestions! Let me know in the comments.”

You most definitely could have resisted, but it is kind of cute:

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The Internet reacted I think pretty well for the most-part:

But others weren’t into it–me included. Like, Baby Yoda is cute because Yoda is a helpful person and a good energy in the universe–Jabba the hut is a sex-trafficking space-slug. Like? Fuck that kid.

I hate it, but I think my real problem with this is that we’re taking it too far. Why so many “baby” things? Sonic the Hedgehog baby. Jabba the Hut baby. It’s headed towards a dangerous path. My fellow Dlisted writer, Allison, is right–this could be a sign of the end times:

If someone makes a Baby Jar Jar Binks we will have to burn them at the stake–and the baby. I mean, we just don’t need any more creatures for Laura Dern to not learn about. Laura about to see Baby Jabba at her local Pizza Hut.<a data-ail="89212" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="" title="watch">watch</a>?v=OUSVhun_jTI

Pic: Instagram

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