No Gentleman! Justin Bieber Slams Car Door on His Wife Hailey Baldwin

No Gentleman! Justin Bieber Slams Car Door on His Wife Hailey Baldwin


The ‘Yummy’ singer comes under fire as he’s caught on camera almost hitting his wife with a car door and leaving her without a care during a recent outing.

Justin Bieber was taking flak on the internet. Despite his wife Hailey Baldwin‘s claim that he’s “a gentleman,” the 25-year-old Canadian pop star was far from being chivalrous in a paparazzi video that went viral recently. He was called rude on the web.

In the clip, the “Yummy” singer pulled up in a black chauffeured SUV with Hailey. He got out of the vehicle and slammed the door behind him almost hitting the model who was about to get out.

He then strode forward without looking back or waiting for her. However, she hastily stopped him from taking another step because he walked the wrong way.<a data-ail="97861" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="" title="watch">watch</a>?v=4WGW4DuHHa4

His diehard fans were quick to defend him. “He didn’t even see her getting out behind him it was an accident,” one argued.

However, a skeptical individual responded by posting another video where Justin left Hailey without a care while he was skateboarding in Times Square. Hailey looked flustered as she tried to catch up only to embarrassingly fall down in front of the crowd. She had no choice but to quickly get up and run as fast as she could as Justin had already disappeared from sight. “And this is supposed to be an accident also ??? lollllll,” the person commented.<a data-ail="97861" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="" title="watch">watch</a>?v=-y5qh7wnN6M

“There’s another video which is worse,” a different person posted a third video. Justin and Hailey were seen walking side by side when he suddenly slapped her butt and then swung his hand hitting her head.<a data-ail="97861" target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="" title="watch">watch</a>?v=fkDdVm2kqco

Neither Justin nor Hailer commented on the videos.

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