K-Pop Star Ailee Called ‘Cornball’ by Chris Brown for Switching Up After Taking Picture With Him

K-Pop Star Ailee Called


The KBS star of ‘Dream High 2’ only makes matter worse as she insists she’s not aware of what happened between Chris Brown and then-girlfriend Rihanna.

K-Pop star Ailee came under fire after posting a picture of her with Chris Brown at the recent Grammy Awards. The criticisms were related to Chris’ domestic violence towards then-girlfriend Rihanna back on the eve of 2009 Grammys.

The Korean songstress defended herself, insisting she didn’t know about Chris’ situation with Rihanna. “I TOOK THIS PHOTO WITHOUT ANY KNOWLEGE OF WHAT HE DID!!!” the 30-year-old KBS star wrote in her edited caption.

“When I said ‘he WAS one of the artists I enjoyed listening to growing up and thats a fact that will never change.’ i meant the fact that i enjoyed his music when I was younger will never change,” so the “Dream High 2” star tried to explain herself.

“The only thing on my mind was literally ‘oh wow!! CB! I used to love his songs!’ I DO NOT and WILL NOT support women, men, pet, animal or any other kinds of abusers and the ONLY reason im keeping this post up is to CLARIFY the reason i took this pic in the first place.”

She continued, “I DO NOT THINK LIGHTLY OF ANY ABUSES. Now stop giving me so much s**t for something I didnt even know happened.” She concluded by telling her critics to “leave [her] alone.”

Ailee’s defense didn’t end up well. Given that she was a fan and the news about Chris and Riri was everywhere and covered globally due to their superstar status, it’s hard to believe that Ailee was not aware of it. On top of that, she was born and grew up in the United States where the news was even more intense. She only moved to Korea in 2010, a year after the incident.

Chris Brown himself called her “Cornball.”

Chris Brown responds to Ailee

Chris Brown responds to Ailee

An individual additionally scoffed at her, “That s**t was ALL OVER THE NEWS when it happened..sis she need some clouty clout clout I see.” Another wrote, “Just say you wanted a picture and go.” More similar comments read, “She a clown,” “Girl shut up sounding stupid,” and “muthaf**kin LIE [laugh] who doesn’t know what happened.”

However, she insisted, “I dont read the news everyday all day.”