The ANTI-Trump GOP Promises to Oust Trump With “Pretty Friggin’ Nasty Campaign”

The ANTI-Trump GOP Promises to Oust Trump With "Pretty Friggin' Nasty Campaign"

Anti-Trump GOP strategist Rick Wilson has mastered the dark arts, he can brew-up lotions, potions and elixirs that move people’s votes. And he’s furious.

Yes, we all are.

But Wilson is an ex-GOP strategist, and he’s got the experience, the money, and the plan, to take this coming campaign to a level we haven’t seen. He promises to do what Democrats never have, match Republican bullshit with equally nasty bullshit.

Wilson went on Bill Maher’s Real Time show last night on HBO and unleashed during the Overtime session. From Rawstory:

“As an outside force that can do things that the Democrats have demonstrably failed on doing a lot of the time, like actually getting in people’s sh*t, we’re sort of a pirate ship in that regard,”

Music to my ears:

“We’re going to do as much as we can to make sure Donald Trump is not re-elected,” Wilson told the HBO host. “We’ll be is using all the tools in our toolbox and some of them are pretty frigging nasty.

Well now.

Normally, I am one who is very cautions about these types of strategies. One can peruse liberal sites all over, including the biggest one, and hear the screams about disinviting Trump to the State of the Union, that we should do all the tricks that Republicans do, get down in the mud and cut off the pig’s tail, or head.

Be very careful with this type of advice. It is always premised upon the assurance that Democrats will only gain by taking Republican tactics and using them against Republicans. It is based on pure conjecture because there’s certainly no evidence to be sure of that conclusion. Indeed I often point to 2018. One could argue that the blue wave splashed over the nation specifically because we offered people some responsible adults, and appealed to women who were looking for “reality” in a party they could trust.

But it is entirely different if the “nasty” stuff comes from outside the campaigns, indeed from outside even the Democratic party. The Lincoln campaign intends to make it real clear that this is coming from Republicans, and directed at Republicans.

It is beautiful because it allows everyone from the campaigns, to the Super PACs, and even the hapless the DNC to say; “Don’t whine to us, we didn’t do it. See our ads with ponies and rainbows!”

Yes, it is coming from an outside group, a former Republican group, a real curveball for this coming election. And don’t forget, when it comes to this kind of stuff? Wilson uses witches, wizards and warlocks, to appear on and off Republican social media, bending minds like a Jedi. We know, because he’s beaten the shit out of countless Democrats. I trust he’ll do just fine.

It will be interesting to watch, and here’s the man himself laying it out:

I am on board.

I might make a call later today. See if he needs a little help.


Peace, y’all


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