Trump Feel Good Ad about Race Accompanied by Cynical, Racist Tweet

Trump Afraid! Tweets the Meekest Lie in Response to Bolton Threat

First, no, the target audience was not “criminals,” unless Trump associates a race with criminal behavior. Of course, there is no association. Only arrests, convictions and sentences have anything to do with race. It has been proven over and over. I certainly think he was thinking about black people when he wrote “the least” among us.

Yes, I understand, there is a “tradition” of calling a group that is outcast as the “least” among us, especially in the religious cultures as a description of what Jesus did. Maybe he meant the least privileged, although A) doubt it, and B) it’s in the running with women, Hispanic children, and many other groups.

But the tweet and commercial is so obviously laden with “race” in every way. (Trump utilizing $5.6 million dollar commercial? The ad was not directed at criminals in jail.) It was directed at white soccer moms who don’t like him because he’s a racist. He needs their votes. Everyone who is actually sensitive to race issues, or at “least” anyone who has studied American culture, knows what he’s doing.

And who is Trump to talk about the “least” among us anyway! He is the “least dignified,” the “least” educated, the “least” sensitive, the least innocent, the least contemplative … and – for all we know – the least wealthy president in a long time. We don’t get to see his taxes, only his racism.

And boy did the tweet ever trigger the … bots!! If you click on the tweet, which I highly recommend you do not do, you will see black “person” after black “person” totting Trump’s racial sensitivity. Indeed, it is so obvious that you just skip it all. Do not ever let yourself believe there is a real person behind the positive Trump-support tweets in his feed. Many are, but many are also automatic replies sent by a person named Ivan in St. Petersburg. That, too, has been proven, and not stopping anytime soon.

Last, Alice Johnson certainly deserved to be pardoned. But just know, her cause was taken up by many celebrities which made her a huge issue. As is typical of our racial antagonist in chief, he made a big splashy thing out front to help himself, not anyone else. President Obama pardoned thousands and thousands, of all races, serving non-violent drug convictions, people imprisoned for decades. Near as I can tell, Trump has pardoned one.

And made a commercial about it. The “least” he could do after the pardon is not run a damn commercial about it.

Do not take your eye off this man for a second, because he’s doing nothing but manipulate, exposing his real racism. Ironic.


Peace, y’all


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