IG Model Kelly Kay Details Being Roughed Up by Security for Trying to Rush Super Bowl Field

IG Model Kelly Kay Details Being Roughed Up by Security for Trying to Rush Super Bowl Field


The blonde beauty claims that she’s also thrown into a holding cell at the bottom of Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida after making FBI and Homeland Security mad.

Kelly Kay has opened up about the aftermath of her failed attempt to rush Super Bowl field. Talking to TMZ Sports, the Instagram model claimed that the incident had left her with bruises on both of her arms that were caused by the security personnel when they grabbed her and tackled her to the ground at that time.

However, she admitted she didn’t feel any pain during the incident. “I had so much adrenaline going that I don’t even remember being tackled,” she said. “My thoughts were just like, ‘Damn, they got me.’ But it didn’t hurt, and I have bruises, like, from everything afterwards, but when it happened, no, it didn’t hurt. My adrenaline was just so high.”

According to her, the treatment allegedly got worse from there. She had FBI and Homeland Security interrogating her. “At first, I wasn’t talking to them at all, and they got so mad and they threw me into a holding cell with four other girls. There [are] two holding cells at the bottom of the stadium. Threw me in there, it’s freezing f***ing cold,” Kelly recalled. “At that point, my dress had been ripped from wrestling with security, so that dress wasn’t even on.”

She added, “I was just in a bathing suit in this holding cell sitting on this concrete floor for eight hours. I wasn’t processed, I wasn’t arrested, I was just detained in this holding cell. I was like, ‘Can I have a jacket, I’m freezing?’ I was in a tiny f***ing bathing suit and they just didn’t give a f**k at all.”

Kelly and other women in the cell were ultimately transferred to Dade County, when they were processed and booked. She was released after that.

Despite the incident, Kelly didn’t regret what she was doing at all. She shared on Instagram several photos from the moment she tried to streak the field and wrote in the caption, “Do what you want, when you want, life’s too short to have regrets. Thanks @nfl for having me !!”