Lil’ Kim Shaded for Unrecognizable Face as She Goes Makeup Free



While some people are raving about her ‘beautiful’ natural hair, many others are attacking the ‘Crush on You’ hitmaker for looking so much different in a new video than her old self after numerous plastic surgeries.

Lil’ Kim stripped down her makeup in a new Instagram Story video. In the clip taken by one of her companions, the rapper was goofing around with her friends during an outing at what looks like a restaurant.

The “Not Tonight (Ladies Night)” hitmaker, who went bare-faced, was shy as her friend panned the camera to her and asked her to open her mouth to play with the funny filter. “Don’t do that,” she told her friend while covering her mouth with her long hair, before eventually giving up to her friend’s request.

Kim wore no wig in the video, showing her natural hair. Perhaps to highlight her minimalist look that night, the video was captioned with, “natural beauty” and “real hair queen don’t care.”

After the video was posted online, some of her fans have been gushing about her long raven locks. “Her hair is so beautiful,” one commented on the video. Another praised her, “Black women have real hair people.”

But some others went sinister, with one pointing out that her hair is the “Only thing left [of her] that natural.” Another rhetorically asked, “Where’s her natural face ?” Another comment read, “We want to see her natural face and body. I don’t care about her hair.”

Taking issue with how she looks so much different now than her old self, one asked, “Is dat really Kim.” Another similarly said of Kim’s face, “was gonna say this two not the same Kim i remember.” Someone else wrote, “No disrespect but why tf she look like this now?”

One other user suggested that Kim’s unrecognizable face is the result of “colorism and then self hate.” Disappointed at the hip-hop star’s decision to get multiple plastic surgeries over the years, another chimed in, “I wish she left her face natural too, she was beautiful the way she was.”

Fortunately for Kim, there were still a few people who defended her. “Damn, it always have to be something negative. And y’all wonder why people have low self esteem. You’re beautiful kim,” one hit back at the haters.

Another explained why Kim began to have plastic surgery, “She was verbally and physically abused. It’s similar to Michel’le’s story. Michel’le’s nose looks that way because Dre broke it several times. She kept having to get surgery to fix it. Same with Lil Kim. That’s why I never find the jokes funny. That woman has been through a lot.”