Kellyanne Conway Drops Ominous Bomb While Defending the Indefensible Trump Purge

Kellyanne Conway Drops Ominous Bomb While Defending the Indefensible Trump Purge

One can feel the darkness closing-in on the Capitol and White House as the nation turns toward an even angrier, more dangerous, phase. We are in the midst of the “Heads on Pikes” period. Kellyanne Conway took to the airwaves on State Fox Television this morning to play the role of the blonde, smiley, grim reaper.

Conway assures us that nothing unusual is happening in a nation that protects whistleblowers and witnesses. Just don’t cross Dear Leader and everyone will be fine. Indeed, Trump didn’t even really “do” anything to the Vindman brothers, according to Kellyanne.

Steve Doocy threw up the softball, suggesting that the Vindmans were not “really” fired, and Kellyanne totally agreed, using second grade English:

“This whole ridiculous words by Chuck Schumer today in the letter: ‘retaliation’ and ‘the President is exacting revenge?’ Where?” she said. “They are working at the Army where they were, they were detailed to the NSC. This is typical.”

Where is Trump exacting revenge, asks Kellyanne? Right in front of our f’ing faces, where Trump always does everything! Kellyanne is once again doing her Orwellian job, giggling along while telling us to ignore the facts right in front of our faces. They are “working at the Army.”

In this case “they” means both Alexander Vindman, and his twin brother Yvegney. It is purely “typical,” we’re told to believe, that the twin brothers were escorted out of the White House within hours of each other. It is not a coincidence, don’t be silly. It is just “typical” of ruthless dictators throughout history.

Kellyanne is asking us to ignore her boss’s own words:

Trump didn’t give us any rationale for firing Yvegney because he didn’t need to. He fired Yvegney because if one brother is disloyal, then the other one must be, too – right? Best to just washout the pipes, as it was termed this morning.

If it strikes you that all this typical stuff isn’t actually typical, you are absolutely right. Kellyanne then went on to tell us that lots more Vindmans could soon be terminated:

Conway offered up an ominous “maybe” when asked if more heads will roll. As to “holdovers” or officials “who don’t believe President Trump’s agenda,” Conway issued a warning: “I always have my eye on them.

If you don’t believe President Trump’s agenda? Does she think we’re eight? Agendas are supposed to be priorities, visions for the future, values, stuff that one can “believed in” or not. But an agenda is not a statistic, it is not something to “believe.” Kellyanne is not as stupid as she acts. When she asked people to believe her “alternative facts” she knew exactly what she was doing.

She is telling people in government to “believe” Trump’s agenda. What is the agenda? I will lay it out: “Trump is a strong leader who must do what he wants without laws or rationale, so STFU about what ones sees or hears, or whether he is right or wrong, lawful or unlawful, moral or immoral. None of it matters.”

That is the agenda, pledge “belief” in it and be loyal, or you will get Trump vengeance.

This is fascism. As Salon’s Chauncey Devega wrote this morning, American fascism has already arrived, it is no longer a possibility or a future problem.

Trump will purge the entirety of the United States government, if he can. He is making great time. We already have a skeleton cabinet. Soon, there will be no one left who doesn’t “believe the agenda.” Trump will be the Dictator he always wanted to be.

Afterward, a blonde smiley-faced person will look you in the eye and say it never happened. You only lost an alternative country.


Peace, y’all


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