Rep. Jim Jordan Crying and Groveling Begged for Witness to Cover-Up Sex Abuse Scandal at Ohio State

Rep. Jim Jordan Crying and Groveling Begged for Witness to Cover-Up Sex Abuse Scandal at Ohio State

The accusations hanging over Trump attack dog Jim Jordan have always been horrific. Jim Jordan is the wrestling legend at Ohio State University and throughout Ohio.

During the period which Jordan served as the assistant wrestling coach at OSU, the head wrestling coach engaged in serial sexual abuse of the student wrestlers under him. There are credible accusations that Jordan knew of the abuse and helped cover it up, rather than help the student victims.

Now, the Ohio House is investigating the entire matter. Witnesses are being called and Jim Jordan is in a ton of trouble.

A former wrestling captain at Ohio State University this week told the Ohio House Civil Justice Committee that Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked him to help cover up the sex abuse scandal that occurred while Jordan was an OSU wrestling coach.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that former OSU wrestler Adam DiSabato told the committee this week that multiple coaches on the team, including Jordan, knew that former OSU doctor Richard Strauss was sexually abusing wrestlers and did nothing to stop it.

One would hope that if it is proven that Jordan had express knowledge of the abuse occurring within the program and did nothing, that Jordan will at the very least face civil penalties and be forced to step down from his position in Congress. Of course, we have seen that Republicans enjoy a different standard when it comes to stepping down in shame.

But it gets more problematic for Jordan. It would seem that “Gym” Jordan was a typical Trump follower and directly tampered with witnesses, which would be a crime and expose him to criminal prosecution:

“Jim Jordan called me crying, groveling… begging me to go against my brother,” he told the committee. “That’s the kind of coverup that’s going on there.”

I am not going to mock Jordan’s “crying,” though he has earned it. But the fact that he was crying indicates that Jordan knows the stakes. If this gets thoroughly investigated, and his role fully flushed out, Jordan will be charged and headed to jail.

Jordan best hope that the House in Ohio doesn’t do as good a job as Democrats in the U.S. House, because there is nothing Trump can do to protect Jordan at that point.


Peace, y’all


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