Decision to Not Indict McCabe Sends White House Lawyers Rushing to SOOTHE Baby Trump’s Furious Temper

Decision to Not Indict McCabe Sends White House Lawyers Rushing to SOOTHE Baby Trump's Furious Temper

Salon reports that Trump raged upon learning that the Department of Justice would not charge former FBI acting deputy director Andrew McCabe for lying to investigators.

The probe centered around a leak concerning the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email servers. McCabe’s case stalled in front of a grand jury for months even though McCabe and his attorneys had moved to have the case dismissed.

Ultimately, the decision was made to end the McCabe investigation and grand jury proceedings without charges. No one at the Justice Department told the “commander” back in the big white crib:

The decision infuriated Trump, who was “not given a heads-up and was upset” because he “believes very strongly that action should be taken,” a White House official told The Washington Post. Trump was so angry that “White House lawyers moved to calm the president,” according to the report.

McCabe might be “Civil Servant zero” when it comes to the new condition in which career civil servants lose their position or reputation because they will not swear undying loyalty to one man:

McCabe filed a civil suit against the Justice Department last year, arguing that his firing was politically motivated. McCabe faced “unlawful retaliation for his refusal to pledge allegiance to a single man,” the suit said. He oversaw investigations into both the Trump campaign and Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. A Justice Department inspector general report later knocked down claims that the investigation was politically motivated, which the president alleged.

No wonder Trump hates McCabe, the man investigated the Hillary email server issue and didn’t come up with any crimes to charge, and also investigated Trump. McCabe knows what Trump has done to avoid the law. Were that not enough, McCabe has been working on CNN as an analysist, giving it to Trump with both barrels.

If we know anything about Trump, it is that Trump believes that criminal charges should be leveled only upon those who have made Trump mad, what Trump often calls “the other side.”

Maybe we should hire McCabe at PoliticalFlare, because he has said the same things we’ve been saying for the last week and a half:

“I’ve been greatly concerned by what I’ve seen take place in the White House and in the Department of Justice, quite frankly, in the last week and certainly the president’s kind of revenge tirade following his acquittal . . . has only kind of amplified my concerns,” he told CNN on Friday. “The pursuit of political enemies and the use of the criminal justice system and criminal investigations to exact some sort of revenge on those political enemies is not something that should be happening in the United States of America.”

The entire matter proves even more enjoyable when one learns that Trump’s constant criticism of the Justice Department made prosecuting the case much more difficult according to the the New York Times. Moreover, it was difficult to prosecute McCabe for “leaking” since McCabe was authorized to speak to the media anyway.

All of this may be a typical Barr bait and switch. Barr may be throwing away the possibility of prosecuting the man Trump considers his “great enemy” in McCabe, while at the same time, Barr is taking the “highly unusual” (meaning never happened before) step of “reviewing the Mike Flynn” case. Flynn represents a bigger fish to Barr and Trump because Flynn was involved directly with Russia. If Barr is “redoing” the Flynn investigation, it can only be to continue the whitewash of the 2016 Russian interference.

What is clear is that in the DOJ under Barr, how one is treated depends upon one’s relationship with Donald Trump. The outlier is McCabe, who was punished enough by being fired hours before his pension kicked-in. McCabe’s punitive termination and timing still conjures the vindictiveness of a six year old child. Ironically, Trump responded like a six year old child upon hearing that McCabe would not be prosecuted.

I suppose that is why lawyer/nannys had to rush in and soothe big baby Trump with a binkie.


Peace, y’all


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