Internet EXPLODES Over Revelation that Russia Already Helping Trump by Vandalizing Democrats

Internet EXPLODES Over Revelation that Russia Already Helping Trump by Vandalizing Democrats

As you would expect, the ground is shaking in this country over the revelation that our intelligence community has determined with certainty that the Russians are already affirmatively helping Trump with the 2020 election, and that Trump has done everything he can do to hide it. Never mind “fight it,” Trump is busy facilitating it by firing the DNI who knew of it and ensured that congress got briefed on it.

Thus it is a double reverberation. The Russians are committing what could be construed as an act of war – again. That’s revelation one. And Trump damn sure isn’t going to do a thing in our defense. He will instead hide it to make it easier, number two.

Damn straight the nation is trembling, even some Republicans, because this cannot be justified, not on any level by anyone. Social media is on an absolute tear, and any “well-read” person in this country need familiarize yourself with the conversation.

To that end:

We always knew “why,” Senator. What’s new is we did not know that the Intel communities can prove it – which means they know “what” is being done, and could counter it, if only they were allowed to act upon it, which – as you note, Republicans (especially Trump) will not allow.

If you believe the rumors (and I do), Putin is one of the few people on earth richer than Bloomberg. Some say he is THE richest man on earth if his money was ever accounted for in the open. Imagine the amount of money Putin can toss into defeating the Democrats (why would Putin stop with just the presidential election? Why would Putin not go after the Senate and House, too? He might have done it before). Additionally, Putin has access to the Russian military’s hacking ability and cyberwarfare capability.

We are doing nothing but facilitating it.

It is the one question that has never been pressed because the Republicans are all fine with Putin supporting Trump. Additionally, the MAGA-heads are happy that Putin is supporting Trump. The MAGA-heads’ consider the “libtards” as their only real enemy. They hate us far more than they hate the Russians or Chinese. Putin is an ally.

The question as to why Putin supports Trump is obvious at this point. Putin controls Trump, or knows Trump supports him in every way.

First of all, even if the “U.S. Voter” proves to not be an idiot, what makes people think the vote is secure? What makes people think that our votes even matter anymore? They probably do, at least to a significant extent. But are they absolutely secure? We cannot know. Trump won’t let us know and it was never investigated. Remember, Trump wants people who acted to initiate a counter-intelligence investigation to be jailed. We DO NOT know if our vote is secure.

Second, we are sure to win the popular vote. A popular vote victor is near baked-in at this point. But that means nothing. The Republicans are now used to winning the presidency with a minority of votes.

So let me get this straight. Trump’s argument is that the American public shouldn’t know because it might be “used against him,” when we already know that the Russians are “using it FOR him”? Typical Trump.

Trump believes his own election is more important than U.S. election security. And you know what? From our impeachment proceeding just last month, we know that Trump need only believe that his interests are a legitimate national concern to be permissible. Fuck that.

(I’m more than a little angry).

I know this is wrong, it’s sort of been agreed upon that this cannot be discussed, but I’m going to say it. Trump “won” the presidency by threading the needle SO perfectly through three key states, three states and 70,000 votes won him the presidency. That is a real stroke of luck. And yet that stroke of luck was accompanied by verified intelligence that the Russians were in 30 something state voting databases.

We never heard intelligence that they actually did anything to erase voters from the roles. We never heard that they changed votes. There is no evidence of such. BUT we also know that IF there WAS evidence of such, we would NOT hear it.

We would not hear it because Trump wouldn’t allow it to be investigated that thoroughly. And we would not hear it because the United States is simply not set-up to handle such a revelation two years into a presidency, a revelation  that that president didn’t “actually win.” So, I am not saying the Russians or Trump “did” rig the election, I am just saying that we’d never know if they did, and it was sure mighty perfect.

If it’s being set up again …

We are damned sure ending on this one:

That is exactly right. We fight for all we’re worth. Three generations ago, teenagers ran straight into machine guns at Normandy to save democracy in the world. We can fight, even if it means we only stand-up and be counted, stand-up to MAGA-heads and challenge them, write congressman, write senators, donate time and money to candidates, and never stop talking about this threat.

That is all we have, for now, anyway.


Peace, y’all


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