Confused Trump Quickly Bails on Presser After Failing to Give Straightforward Answers on When Lockdown Will End

Confused Trump Quickly Bails on Presser After Failing to Give Straightforward Answers on When Lockdown Will End

I am not at all sure how a president stands in front of the nation only 9 days into the CDC guidelines about sheltering, and then assure us that every decision from this day forward will be based upon science and evidence. This comes after he spent days tweeting, doing interviews about cures worse than diseases, and how he may send people back to work in a week. Oh, and Trump has dialed-in Easter Sunday as the day he hopes to be a day of resurrection. But his decision will be grounded in science and evidence.

Which do you suppose Trump will choose if it comes down to one or the other? The day of resurrection with packed churches? Or facts grounded in science?

By the way, Trump just said that people were using 3-D pictures to craft parts. That is impressive. If he managed to put together an operation of that kind, I’d have to tip my hat to him.

Back to “grounded in facts,” there has not been a single day of this administration that has been grounded in facts – certainly not evidence, these people have become the world’s elite in the suppression of evidence, and now they have experience in doing it concerning the scientific and medical evidence that might be the basis of the decisions going forward.

We know it is happening already!

We have reports straight out of the White House, reports from Vanity Fair that Trump is getting tired of Dr. Fauci, whom Jared (Jared!) assures Trump is overplaying this, and it’s not as bad as “Jared” (!) says. Remember now, the Trump administration spent January and February telling everyone this won’t be as bad as people like Dr. Fauci said it would be, and now Jared is saying it’s time for Fauci to go.

The stuff about decisions “grounded in evidence and science” was the most dishonest portion of the press conference yet.

Dr. Fauci is speaking, and he’s far more optimistic-sounding than before. He must be on a short leash. He’s no longer grounded and knows he best be good.

Great – Kudlow is speaking. Kudlow, the man who said “this will be good for the American economy” believes he has something to say worth your time, one of the things he has to say is that we will be passing a $6 trillion dollar recovery act. Good news for the American economy!

I’m signing out now, going to take my tranquilizer before Kudlow gets done …

Oh god, Kudlow just says he believes that this financial package is the single largest “main street” package in the history of the United States. I am sure it is. It is just dwarfed by what Wall Street got – always is.

Trump then quickly bailed on the presser after only taking a few questions, which was odd, since these press conference have often lasted two hours.

I’m out.


Peace, y’all


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