** QUARANTINE FILM FESTIVAL – American Filmmakers Vol 1 **

** QUARANTINE FILM FESTIVAL - American Filmmakers Vol 1 **

Wanted to gauge interest in hosting an impromptu film festival to keep busy/entertained during the quarantine/stay-at-home. Will host a poll featuring 21 of the best American filmmakers. The top 7 vote getters will be then featured in Volume 1 the festival. The remaining 14 will be featured in Volumes 2 & 3. Once votes are collected initially, we will then vote on films of each of the top 7 (and remaining later on) to determine the most popular film of that filmmaker to be featured in the festival. Movies can be watched on streaming services, youtube, amazon, download, personal collection or however you see fit.


**POLL -** [Link](https://www.easypolls.net/poll.html?p=5e7d113ae4b019ec68836396)


Voting will go from 4:30 EST/1:30 PST today 3/26/20 and end at 12:00 EST/9:00 PST today 3/26/20.


Tomorrow, 3/27/20, will feature multiple polls based on who was voted top 7 to determine what films will be featured in Volume 1 of the festival, which will be held on Sunday 3/29, Monday 3/30, and Tuesday 3/31. We can have discussions of each film. This will all depend on the response. If there are a lot of votes being received, I’ll continue with this. If not, that means no one was interested. Stay safe out there!

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