Ben Affleck Got Mad At A Photographer For Taking His Picture

Ben Affleck Got Mad At A Photographer For Taking His Picture


April 27, 2020 / Posted by: Allison

Ben Affleck and his current girlfriend Ana de Armas have more than proved they are true entertainers who fully believe in the old showbiz saying, “The show must go on!“. The suggestion to stay at home for the sake of flattening that coronavirus curve is no match for Ben and Ana’s innate drive to get out there and put on a show. No sidewalk is too long, no face mask is too uncomfortable. They’re like the United States Postal Service: Neither virus nor quarantine nor lack of PPE keeps these stunt queens from finding a photographer who will take their picture. But even Ben needs a break every once in a while, as a photographer discovered yesterday.

Much like every weekend since COVID-19 has locked everyone down in their homes, Ben and Ana had a busy weekend of getting papped running errands and grabbing coffees.

Ben and Ana appear to have created an unofficial clock-out time for themselves, which is smart, because it’s all about a healthy work-life balance during these strange and unpredictable times. But obviously Ben didn’t forward that memo to all paps in Los Angeles. Ben took his dog out for a walk yesterday afternoon, and he flipped his shit on a photographer that was waiting outside for him.

Ben can be heard saying, “I’m yelling because I fucking want to. You’re the bad guy.” The photographer politely agrees with Ben’s request to back the fuck off, and wishes Ben a good day. Ben’s sidewalk showdown reportedly happened outside of Ana’s place. As we already know, Ben and Ana are quarantining together. But Page Six says that was more of a happy accident than a conscious choice.

“Ben was due on set [of The Last Duel, written with and co-starring Matt Damon] and Ana was meant to be on a world tour [for the James Bond film No Time to Die],” said a source close to the couple. “To get to spend so much time together is a real blessing.”

“They’re really into each other, they get on extremely well and they certainly don’t seem to have any issues being holed up together 24/7,” the close source said.

The source also notes that there was “instant chemistry” with Ana, but that Ben is keeping his relationship separate from his family right now.

But back to Ben going full-Fred O’Bannion on that pap. It was rumored earlier this month that the reason we’re seeing so much of Ben and Ana is because Ana has been calling the paps and before one pap stroll she phoned a photographer named Rodrigo to let him know they were ready. And at the very end of that Twitter video of Ben cussing out that photographer, you can see Ana poke her head out of the gate. She was probably about to say, “Rodrigo, we weren’t ready!

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