Ivanka Trump’s Assistant Has COVID — Internet Has Questions and Many, Many Comments

Ivanka Trump's Assistant Has COVID — Internet Has Questions and Many, Many Comments

First of all, Ivanka Trump has an assistant? Not only is the answer yes, but apparently we pay her as a government employee among the White House staff. And yes, Ivanka’s assistant has tested positive for coronavirus, meaning that virus has made some serious inroads into the White House and executive branch staff, according to Rawstory:

On Friday, first daughter Ivanka Trump’s personal assistant reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. Although the assistant hasn’t had close contact with her for weeks and both she and President Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner have tested negative, it marks even further spread of the virus among White House staff.

The more notable event occurred on social media, where, as you might imagine, people had some thoughts.

NO, it is just the one spot in America where people are going to work while also having a significant and consistent testing program – keep that thought in mind when you go out without a mask and don’t social distance.

Alright, everyone out of the pool.

Now that is what we’re after. Solid comment, and yesterday we reported that Trump still believes this is going away without a vaccine and without tests. Without tests, the diagnosis is definitely going away.

Or maybe the Trumpers are entirely invulnerable to a hoax disease and should continue to go forward like it doesn’t exist. It is up to them and it sure seems to look like they’ve made their choice.

That is true.

Nice little bacteria above. But this is a virus. We have all spent weeks teaching our kids the differences.

Now here is something to chew on, yesterday the White House had all those vets that are near 100 over.

This is a fallacy. It is in and through the White House, that is absolutely true. But it is not that the White House is fundamentally different. It is not stuffed with virus. It is that the White House personnel are tested. If we took your local Walmart and tested it, the results would likely be the same. That is why we use our social distancing, masks, gloves, etc., to keep ourselves safe.

Stay that way.


Peace, y’all


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