Piers Morgan admits that he’s ‘taken things a bit too far’ with Duchess Meghan

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I don’t have the energy or the desire to do a ton of commentary on this one, mostly because I wrote off Piers Morgan years ago, and I’m irritated that anyone gives him air. Some simple facts. Piers Morgan was one of the many journalists/editors to get caught up in the Leveson Inquiry about hacking. Piers also tried to make his brand of nasty Britishness happen in America, and we sent him packing. He met then-Meghan Markle once before she became a duchess, and he’s spent the past three years dining out on that fact. Starting in 2018, Piers became Meghan’s biggest critic, smearing her and attacking her regularly in print (he’s a Daily Mail columnist) and on air (he’s co-host of Good Morning Britain). He also interviewed Thomas Markle several times, and during all of those interviews, I had the distinct sense that Toxic Tom was merely reading off a script written for him by Morgan. Piers has spent two full years trying to make a name for himself by destroying the Duchess of Sussex by any means possible. And now… well, he has regrets?

Piers Morgan has admitted his criticisms of Meghan Markle on Good Morning Britain and from his social media account went “too far”. In an interview with The Sunday Times, the presenter addressed his controversial outbursts against Markle, along with a number of his other public grievances. Morgan has previously accused Markle and Prince Harry of showing a “staggering disrespect” to the Queen over their decision to step back as senior royals.

He branded those who claimed that Markle’s treatment in the press and by the public was fuelled by racism as “race-baiting pundits who want to be on TV”. He has also dismissed accusations that his own criticisms of Markle were driven by racism and sexism. In 2018, a Daily Mail column written by the GMB host attacked the former Suits star as a “social climbing actress” who “landed the role of her life” by becoming involved with the royal family.

In January this year, Morgan leaked screenshots of his direct messages with Markle on Twitter, leading many to suggest that Morgan’s vendetta was due to Markle ending her contact with him, after her relationship with Prince Harry was made public.

During the interview, journalist Decca Aitkenhead informed the presenter that she felt his vendetta against Markle had made him look “ugly”, and asked whether, in hindsight, he would have “dialled any of it down”.

“Yeah, probably,” Morgan responded. “I think that’s a perfectly fair criticism. It’s probably not wise, if you’re a columnist, to make things too personal. Have I taken things a bit too far? Probably. Do I think that will govern and temper how I talk about them going forward? Absolutely.”

[From The Independent]

Again, I don’t care enough to get in the weeds on this one, because there’s a big ugly Piers-shaped snake in those weeds. I’ll just say that I don’t think Piers Morgan suddenly just realized that he took things way too far. I do think that this is probably related to the (scripted) interviews he did with Thomas Markle, and it’s related to Meghan’s lawsuit against the Mail, a publication which still employs Morgan as a columnist. It might even be related to Harry and Meghan’s larger lawsuit against the British tabloids, especially since Morgan used to work for one of the publications which was known to hack into the phones of royals and celebrities.

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