‘RHOP’ Star Gizelle Bryant Asks Others to Put Respect on Jamal Bryant’s Name Amid New Allegation

'RHOP' Star Gizelle Bryant Asks Others to Put Respect on Jamal Bryant's Name Amid New Allegation



‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’ series regular stands by her megachurch pastor boyfriend after he got hit with accusations that he fathered a child with a member of his congregation.

Gizelle Bryant has come in defense of her megachurch pastor boyfriend. During an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live“, the regular cast member of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” shared her thought on recent allegations that Jamal Bryant fathered a child with a member of his congregation.

When the topic was brought up on the talk show by host Andy Cohen, the 49-year-old was quick to shoot down the rumors, before asking others to be respectful of what her man has done. “Put some respect on Jamal’s name,” she stated. “He’s doing wonderful things in Atlanta.”

In regards to the rumors, the TV personality told the host, “Thanks for asking, because it gives me the opportunity to say that is all the way a lie.” She added, “And I addressed it on his social media. I said it’s a lie, and clearly, we’re very important if people are gonna make up these lies.”

Gizelle was married to Jamal for seven years before they split in 2009 due to his affair. They shares three daughters together, 15-year-old Grace and 14-year-old twins, Angel and Adore. The two of them got back together in 2019 as she revealed during season 4 reunion of “RHOP” in September 2019.

During the Sunday, May 18 episode of “WWHL”, Gizelle reaffirmed their reconciliation by saying, “I’m officially off the market, and yes, we are officially together. And we’re doing good, even in the quarantine.” Though so, she still lives in Bethesda, Maryland, while he stays in Atlanta to lead the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

Gizelle was not the only one debunking new allegation against Jamal. Through a video posted on his church’s YouTube channel in early May, Jamal has also addressed the matter by stating, “Reckless and irresponsible bloggers who went on with no facts, no evidence, and might I add, no truth to make baseless accusations that I had fathered a baby in April, May, February, January – here in Atlanta – and was hiding this baby from some mother in Atlanta or in my church.”

“That, no. 1, is 1,000 percent untrue. One thousand percent faulty,” he stressed. “Days gone by I usually don’t say anything. Michelle Obama informed us, ‘When they go low – we go high.’ If it was just for me I could just withstand it, ignore it and keep going, but I have to think about my daughters, who are now of internet age, who have to read these falsities by cowards, who write things with no boundaries, no compassion, no understanding, but flagrant lies.”

Jamal has also threatened the bloggers with lawsuit via an Instagram post on May 7. “To all the bloggers who post fake news stories with no truth!! Congratulations!! Those legal papers you got served are not fake news! You got 72 hours…,” he warned.